Spicy Take

So we are back from Atlanta Market and I was super excited to stop by PJP Nifong today and check the progress of the new location. I’m happy to announce that WE HAVE WALLS. (Well, at least the metal frames of future walls, but I’ll take it.) Here’s a few spicy takes on the last few days:

  1. Last week, Jeanne went to switch the utilities from the landlord’s account to our account - the very same account we’ve had now for 65 months. And she called me at the airport to tell me that the city needed an $1800 deposit to hook us up. WAIT, WHAT? I thought perhaps I had misheard, but no…$1800 because the deposit is calculated by doubling our most recent bill. Which is to say that had we gotten this deal done faster and applied in January, our deposit would have only been $700, right? I’m no expert in utilities but I feel like being a customer for over five years, paying a previous deposit in 2014, and never having our utilities shut off since opening our account should be a solid justification for NOT PAYING $1800 DOLLARS.

  2. Also, I am going to have to give my spicy take - that practice sure doesn’t encourage the growth and expansion of business in Columbia. Venting the bathrooms because it is required in the space by the city (and it has never been done) cost us $3700 last week, so I sure could have put the $1800 there.

  3. Oh, and I feel like our awful air conditioner at PJP Buttonwood has just won the fight we’ve been having since we first met. You won, HVAC. You had the last word. Because of you and your inefficiencies, $1800 will sit with the city for years to come. I’m waving the white flag.

  4. Ok, I’m moving on.

  5. Well maybe not because listen to this - we’ve had a service provider for a particular product since November 2013. And I’ve been in contact with this person multiple times over the last two months as we work on this new location. Today, the person says “can you remind me who the actual owners of the business are?”. UH. ME. ME AND JEANNE. Since 2013. Apparently, this person assumed I was an assistant for someone else. And here is spicy take #2 - I’m pretty certain that had Behind-The-Scenes Jason been the point of contact, there wouldn’t be the assumption that there were other “actual owners” that he worked for because it makes sense that a man would own a business. And this right here is the whole problem with #ladyboss, #girlboss, #bossbabe, #ladypreneurs, #womenwithambition and all the other ways women are patronized when in charge.

Ok. Now I’m really moving on. Thanks for letting me vent. Also, here’s a picture of our new walls to make us all feel better. I’m sure the “actual owners” are excited (spoiler alert: we are!).