Wi-Fi, Emotional Baggage, & Hank.

I’m currently writing this 30,000 feet in the air, just about an hour outside of Las Vegas (which, if you are curious, makes me somewhat north of Albuquerque).  If you recall, Behind the Scenes Jason is traveling for work and I’m tagging along because LAS VEGAS.  I’m also listening to Jason Isbell on my phone while logged into our SquareSpace website.  Let us all bless the person(s) responsible for in-flight Wi-Fi.

(Currently, Jason - Behind The Scenes Jason, not Jason Isbell…though that would be pretty cool -is in transit via Columbia to Chicago to Las Vegas.  And that we are married parents traveling a thousand miles from home on two separate planes is so very 2018, right?  When I checked on purchasing my ticket from Columbia to Las Vegas on his scheduled itinerary booked through his office, it was $967.  And so when the airport runs those ads about “why drive when it is so easy to fly”, the quick answer is that I would rather save $764 and fly direct.  Ahem.)

This is my first time in four (!!) years to leave the store AND my kids for a few days on non-PJP business.  I’m surprised the flight could even get off the ground with all the extra emotional baggage I packed. I know that Jeanne, my kids, and PJP will do great these next few days, but I’m great at overdramatizing how much I’m needed there by everyone. (That said, I am looking forward to the opportunity to just think about PJP in a non-distracted and non-mentally cluttered way.  Preferably in the spa and with wine. And if I win one million bucks in the casino, I’m buying us a new parking lot immediately.) Our new hours start tomorrow, so please stop by and ensure all is plugging along as expected…for the sake of my sanity.

On a unrelated, but notable topic, thank you for all your kind wishes to Jeanne on her birthday over the weekend.  She read and appreciated each and every single one.  She took the day off from PJP and later that evening, we had a family birthday dinner.  She’s an easy person to both cook for and to shop for, likely because I know her so well.  She’s had her eye on a huge horse head at Hockman Interiors for most of the summer.  (Would you expect anything less from Jeanne?)  I went and bought the horse head a few weeks ago and she immediately deemed it her MOST FAVORITE GIFT EVER. 

As an aside, his name is Hank.  It took us 45 minutes to collectively agree on what suited him well.

Also, Hank is not pictured because in-flight Internet is temperamental at best (but I still appreciate it.). But this is how excited she was about Hank.  And how excited she will be when I’m home Thursday…

mom birthday.jpg