Mike Rowe or Not...

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be wrapping up my last evening in Las Vegas and I’ll be flying back to Missouri early tomorrow morning. Behind The Scenes Jason will stay through until Friday to finish his meetings, but I didn’t think either Jeanne or my kids would be amenable to a five day absence on my part. That said, I didn’t know how much I needed a break from my regular routine until I had this break. (On a side note, you can change your fight plans on Southwest for no fee, but for a $471 fare difference to move your flight one day. I didn’t do it, but I thought about it for an unreasonable amount of time.)

We’ve done a lot of fun things in the past few days - drank beet mojitos, ate crispy pig ear, saw Cirque du Soleil - but listening to Mike Rowe speak at Jason’s conference was the undoubtable highlight. If you have ever wondered if Mike is as charming and clever and as entertaining in real life as he is on television and his podcast, TRUST ME, HE IS.


He spoke mainly about his foundation, Mike Rowe Works, and it was so inspired that I teared up toward the end of his remarks. He definitely shifted some things around in my mind about how I see our work at PJP and I’m pretty stubborn that way. Well played, Mike.

So, Jeanne and Team PJP have been plugging right along without me. I’m not surprised by that at all, but it is reaffirming nonetheless. I’ve called Jeanne to check on them more than she has called me with any issues or concerns, even about my kids. I hope she knows that the next time I’m invited to Vegas, I’m going for the full five days. Mike Rowe or not.