What Else Do We Need?

Well, for a day that boasted subzero temperatures, we stayed steadily busy for most of today. HALLELUJAH. And with only one day left in January, we are on target to finish over and beyond the monthly goals we set for PJP as we planned out 2019. Call me crazy, but I might have to officially retract my hatred of January and shift it to July (simply because that was our second slowest month last year). I’m not completely convinced though because there has been a discarded box of Popeyes and some other unidentifiable detritus in our frozen Lake PJP for two days now…and at least in July it would just be floating around like average uncollected garbage.


So speaking of garbage strewn potholes, our lease negotiations on Potential New Space (PNS) continue on. We submitted a counteroffer on Friday and the landlord submitted a counteroffer back to our counteroffer today. I think tomorrow we will counteroffer back to their counteroffer to our counteroffer. How many times can we say counteroffer? MANY.

And perhaps what so many people wanted to know after last week’s post about the PNS location of the former Orange Leaf was…why not get a space with a different landlord? And the truth is that there aren’t many other options in our desired location and price range that are owned by someone else than our current landlord. For a hot second, we even considered building a location until the final amount of dollars needed to make it a reality actually made me have a panic attack. Because do you know how many pies you need to sell to pay off $1 million dollars (not including interest)? 58,824 nine-inch fruit pies. Or 142,857 baby fruit pies. Either way, we had to pass for the sake of our sanity. And also because no one would likely loan us that sort of cash.

Also, PNS comes with like 20 Orange Leaf chairs and three Orange Leaf tables. And Hyvee walkability. And UPS store walkability, which sounds promising when we are running super late with jar shipments and running them down the sidewalk sounds better than trying to load them in the car and drive them over. If we’ve proven anything around here, it is that we like the simplest solution (though we will tend to completely overthink the simplicity).

But in the interim, we have some serious goals to smash for February sales. And the temperatures warm up by the weekend, so Lake PJP will hopefully drain and Jeanne can put on a double pair of gloves and fish out that Popeyes box. And really, what else do we need to look forward to?