I See You

Last Saturday, I didn’t work at PJP…which IS A VERY VERY BIG DEAL. My trials and tribulations of breaking away to a five day work week are well documented here because my one takeaway from 2018 is that a solid six days a week of PJP makes me a little stabby.

So last Saturday, with a full roster of Team PJP members on the schedule, I went in very early and did the baking schedule, balanced the register, and went to Hyvee for egg whites and bananas to drop back off. And then I left well before 8 am and was back home before anyone in my house woke up - dog included. AND IT WAS A DELIGHT. And here is what I noticed - I was ridiculously productive today. I was almost more productive than is emotionally comfortable, because I am significantly better at procrastination. It was all sort of nice and sort of weird all at the same time, if that makes sense. I hate to give a spoiler alert here, but I think when I am well rested and relaxed, I am more creative and focused. Work/life balance, I see you.

giphy (5).gif

So here is what I’m working on:

  1. Everything for the potential new space needs a budget number, so Jeanne and I spent a fair amount of time online looking at equipment. In case you are curious, a double stack electric convection oven retails for around $7465.60. Also, in case you are curious, Jeanne should never be allowed on Webstaurant.com or you will have $23,000 worth of equipment in your cart…including a warming drawer, on the argument that “shipping is free”.

  2. Our Sysco rep is sending Jeanne over a sample cleaning kit of various products available through Sysco. It’s basically Jeanne’s version of a Birch Box dream come true. Who needs a sample size of Benefit’s roller lash boost when you can try a bleach cleanser?

  3. Last Thursday’s Epic Pie Tasting was a huge success with beef pot pie, bacon quiche, and snickerdoodle apple pie as the three favorites. Not surprisingly, Sour Cream Gooseberry came in dead last. Because Sour. Cream. Gooseberry.

  4. Speaking of pot pie, we will make all three - chicken, beef, and vegetable - tomorrow because it is supposed to be -20 on Wednesday, which I don’t care for one bit. I’m taking pot pie home to bake for dinner so that I can burrow under a blanket on the couch for as much time as humanly possible. Perhaps I should add on a warming drawer for my own kitchen, while the shipping is free.

  5. Our Saturdays and Sundays at PJP are booked with parties through February, but I am going to add two events tomorrow - February Epic Pie Tasting and a Date Night/Bake Night. The date night is an opportunity to learn to bake pies without having to gather a group of 10 or more for a private party. Tickets will be $50 for two tickets and that includes a champagne toast and all the instruction to make and take home your own baby Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie. All the fun just comes along with the deal. Planned for February 15th, it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift.