The More You Know...

Now that we’ve reached the two week anniversary of our “OMG, OUR TOP OVEN HAS DIED” debacle, I feel like I’m emotionally ready to move on from Thanksgiving discussions. For the greater good of the Internet (and my psyche), I’m mainly now focused on the next few weeks at PJP…so let’s breakdown the details:

  1. To begin with, PJP has never looked more lovely at the holidays. Jeanne went on a decorating extravaganza late last week and as a result, PJP is super cozy and inviting and full of holiday cheer. If you’ve never visited us before, now is the time because we are looking like the very best version of ourselves.

  2. Don’t forget that Emily from Sugarberry Blooms will be at PJP this Saturday for a holiday pop-up shop. She will have wreaths, swags, greenery bundles and more. Last year’s pop-up was amazing and Emily sold so many beautiful holiday arrangements, so don’t delay in stopping by. The event is scheduled from 10-2.

  3. People always ask if Christmas is less busy than Thanksgiving and that is a difficult question to answer. In general, we are busier each day of December but don’t have that intense order frenzy for Christmas Eve like we do for the day before Thanksgiving. But sales for each month are comparable…it is just a difference in how the work load distributes. And breaking news: I still hate January.

  4. So what is the plan for the next few weeks? Welp, we will keep our regular hours and you can order anything off the menu through Saturday, December 22nd. We’ve decided to open from 12-3 on Sunday the 23rd to accommodate weekend celebrations and then on Christmas Eve from 9-1 for order pickup. For the 23rd and 24th, we can’t emphasize enough that you should consider preordering your pies.

  5. And what about all the rest? Well, the last day to ship Jelly Jars is December 19th for guaranteed holiday delivery. If you are considering gifting all of your clients, friends, neighbors, etc with PJP and the final number of gifts is fairly notable, well then a) we love you, and b) hustle on into my email and secure a date because it is starting to get a little crazy. (Though, crazy is our love language). And because we can never stop with the ideas, Jeanne has created a whole line of PJP gift bundles (pie, holiday tea towel, and PJP server all put together super cute) for $35 and gift baskets available at every price point. I excel in none of these areas, but I can tell you they are super cute and that I won’t be responsible for any part of the process of making your gifts adorable and really, that’s my gift to you. If it all sounds too good to be true and like the answer to your shopping list, you might just want to drop us a line to discuss - you can reach us at