You Can Find Us On Google.

Every month or so, I take a look at our Google analytics to see what sort of search terms bring people to the PJP website. And IT NEVER DISAPPOINTS. NEVER. Here are my favorite 10 from when I looked earlier today:

  1. P.I.E.S. (Y.E.S. we sell pies. Also, YMCA is now stuck in my head.)

  2. Special pies. (We make special pies. Which is great, unless you want a non-special pie. Psst…those are available at big box stores.)

  3. Pies Blog. (Welp, here we are. Sometimes we don’t even talk about pies.)

  4. Serious Pie Delivery. (We are pretty serious about pie delivery, and you should be as well because UPS isn’t cheap. Do you think the person searching for this previously just typed in “pie delivery” and then felt none of the sites were serious about actually delivering pie?)

  5. Peggy Gene. (Gene. GENE. Let’s just scrape it all and go with Peggie Gene’s. Gah.)

  6. Don Pie Delivery. (I don’t know Don. But I do like Don Draper A LOT, so does that factor into these search results?)

  7. Peggy Jean Candy Bar. (Wait, what? I just googled this and the entire page filled with links about PJP. Apparently in July 2016, we deep fried some candy bars. I vaguely remember this, but the Internet never forgets.)

  8. Peggy Food Instagram. (I feel like the person(s) typing this in is completely unfamiliar with Instagram and perhaps also consistently shares the same scam coupon to Kohl’s on their Facebook feed that promises a $500 gift card to the first 100 people to share the post. I could be overthinking this though.)

  9. Dr. Jean Peanut Butter. (I don’t even know. As a side note, Jeanne hates peanut butter and has actually never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in her life. Fact fact.)

  10. How to Get Chocolate Out of White Jeans. (Don’t eat chocolate while wearing white jeans. In fact, probably just don’t eat while wearing white jeans.)