Thanksgiving 2k18

It seems improbable, but it is already time to discuss Thanksgiving 2k18. That’s scary, right? And look, this will be our FIFTH time to visit the Thanksgiving rodeo. Let us all have a moment of silence for that very first Thanksgiving at the Elks Lodge in 2013, back when we were fresh at the entrepreneurial game. (Oh, and hey, we were naive back then too. It was a charming combination.)

So, for the last few weeks, I’ve been in possession of the Thanksgiving order forms. We’ve just been too inundated with crazy events and large orders to have the emotional fortitude to focus on Thanksgiving in the way it deserves. We all know that each year, I push our Thanksgiving goal beyond what we’ve accomplished in the previous years. (And I promise you that Jeanne and all of Team PJP just rolled their eyes as they read this. I will make them crazy over the next six weeks with my counts, my data, my stewing, my prepping, and my overthinking.)

And obviously, we have a kink in our plans to deal with this year…the space next door to us that we routinely rent each November as a storage location and pie pickup location. As a refresher, the space was recently leased. I gave myself a bit of time to be salty about it and then I planned to move on, because I can’t do much about it. We’ve narrowed our options for additional Thanksgiving storage/pie pickup to two…1) rent the old Wren’s space two doors down (seems awkward), or 2) put a tent up in our two dedicated parking spots, make it cute, and then figure out logistics between the tent and the storefront (seems dubious in execution). Neither option makes us terribly happy and transporting 2,000 pies to a separate location from our immediate storefront area is an impossibility. Thus, we are going to be indignant by it all for just a few more days until we can get our heads around it. I promise this won’t be our last discussion of it all.

But to the pertinent details -

Like our previous years, we will accept orders for nine-inch pies in our most popular Thanksgiving flavors for pickup Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. Pre-order is required. Due to volume, we will not make tarts, jars, babies, or 12 inch pies the week of Thanksgiving. You may call the store to order or order online. We will stop taking orders when the total number of pies on order for that week makes us feel like throwing up in our janky dumpster in the back alley.

If you are interested in picking up your pies frozen between November 1st and November 17th, you may order baby pies, nine inch pies, and 12 inch pies in a significantly larger variety of flavors. You’ll also receive a 10% discount for the early pickup, so there’s that too. That order form is available by calling the store.

And finally, we have plans to make this our biggest Thanksgiving yet. That said, we will be a tired bunch of people by the time Wednesday night rolls around and so we will be closed on Thanksgiving, and then Friday and Saturday as well. I used to feel guilty about that annual decision but then I figured out the only way to convince a team of people to make 2,000 pies or so with you is to promise them that they don’t have to bake pie or talk about pie for the following five days.

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