Believe It.

One of the best things about being exceptionally busy is that I don’t really have time to focus on all the small things that can send me on a tangent, like the fact that despite the falling temperatures, our electric bill is still $698 this month. Here’s a whole litany of things that don’t really matter, but are interesting nonetheless…

  1. We’ve been out of pie servers for the last few weeks. I haven’t been able to reorder because when our email transitioned this spring to Gmail, I lost all of my archived emails and I couldn’t think of the company I purchased the pie servers from. I knew the salesman had an uncommon name, so I looked at websites for branded merchandise until I found one that actually had pictures of all their staff. DUCO. His name is Duco. And within 15 minutes, we were able to get another round of pie servers headed to PJP. Now we all know. Also, Duco lives in Las Vegas, if anyone cares.

  2. In the category of things not arriving at PJP: our tart papers are still on backorder from the manufacturer. And really, doesn’t that just make you wonder who else is using tart papers in mass quantity and why the company can’t make more? In an email string, I practically begged Annie from Novacart to call me the second she had a box of papers in her possession and I would pay for the papers and the shipping over the phone. And she said, “sure thing, Loretta, I’ll let you know”. Which left me wondering, a) who is Loretta, b) is Loretta using all the tart papers in America, and c) is Loretta going to get my shipment of tart papers?

  3. And while we are discussing things that make no sense, the company that ships us our pecans doesn’t put a plastic liner in the box, resulting in a fair number of pecan disasters during baking. And since pecans are $227 for a 30 pound box right now, spilling pecans is basically like dropping gold. I looked the company up and considered sending an email about the liner situation, but in the end opted out because while I wanted to care that much, I also know nothing about sourcing pecans, chopping pecans, and boxing pecans. And lately, it just feels like the whole world knows everything about everything and frankly, that is exhausting.

  4. I’ve decided that anytime a person calls the store and asks for an owner or manager, they want to offer us 0% credit card processing or an amazing advertising deal on Yelp. I have the utmost admiration for these people because I generally just say “oh, no thank you” and hang up before they can say another word. And then I feel sort of bad because it probably hurts their feelings (it would hurt mine) and then they have to move on to the next phone number. And who even cares I guess, I’m just saying telemarketing is not in my skill set.

  5. And finally, today Jeanne made double batches of French Silk in three different mixers AT THE SAME TIME. Look, that is basically the stuff of PJP legends because that is a serious gamble, as French Silk is a notoriously persnickety pie. I took a picture to hang in our future headquarters and fully plan for it to be a stop on the PJP history tour. I’m totally going to put those mixers under a glass too, don’t doubt that for a second.