10 Days.

So, here we are…10 days out from our much anticipated move from PJP Buttonwood to PJP Nifong. And frankly, I’m either brimming with anxiety or bouncing with excitement at any given time of the day. Or my personal favorite…excited until the reality of what we are doing comes rushing in and then I’m on a full panic about any number of things. Honestly, I’m worn out with myself.

While I take a break from overthinking, here are some highlights from this week:

  1. We have been inordinately busy over the last two weeks. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am for that - not for the obvious, because we all need great sales to keep the entrepreneurial train moving - but because when we have a lot to do to finish our baking schedule, I can’t dwell on how the next two weeks will play out. In short, distraction is key.

  2. That said, it is hard to go anywhere without being inundated with questions about the new PJP. And given my nature and love for PJP, I will 100% discuss her with anyone at any time and any where. My kids though…they take a hard pass on my tendency to discuss PJP plans with the crossing guard at the middle school on the theory that “it is really embarrassing”. (Read with exasperation for full effect.)

  3. Today Jeanne and I took the radical move to cover the windows of PJP Nifong with paper. We’ve had a lot of people stop by and peek in because they are curious about the design elements. Because we do everything dramatically, we want a MAJOR REVEAL on our opening day.

  4. And we are hoping for that major reveal to happen on Thursday, September 12th. Though we just won’t know if that is possible until the actual moving process starts.

  5. But I’m pretty heart set on that date, primarily because Friday, September 13th sounds like tempting fate. (I’ll lay you money that Jeanne rolled her eyes when she read that. She is not dissuaded by superstition. Ever.)