Jeanne-ology: Sound of Silence

It is Thursday and while I completely didn’t expect it because of the busy week, Jeanne just texted me that she emailed over her blog post for tonight. We’ve barely seen each other because we’ve been splitting the day with me in the morning and she in the afternoon, so her take on this week will be a surprise for us all. Enjoy!


Hello, Thursday readers! The PJP move is coming closer for us to occupy our new space (just nine days!). I am excited and know great things will happen at PJP Nifong. However, I know everyone hates the moving process. Although the commercial equipment will be moved for us, it is all the little things that will need to be boxed and moved. Thank goodness the move is just a short distance. (Rebecca editing to add: I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about the logistics of the PJP move. Everyone keeps asking me how it is all going to work and frankly, I JUST REALLY HAVE NO IDEA.)

We could move some things this weekend, I suppose. I suggested to Rebecca that we ask for volunteers to form a human chain and move the many boxes we have. She was skeptical, though I am not. It would be a sight to behold to see so many of our customers moving the boxes hand-to-hand across the parking lot. Maybe we could get some media attention because the line would be so long, but so effective. (Rebecca editing to add: I do give her some serious credit for thinking outside the box. And I’m not opposed to the visual of 100 people from our back door at PJP Buttonwood to the front door of PJP Nifong. But it is very extra, even for us. And we excel at extra.)

We have hired some new people this week and we probably need a few more to fill a few more positions. We have had some great applicants, so I feel optimistic. I have been working with two new hires this week for the afternoon positions. They are catching on fairly quickly. My only complaint is that they are both very quiet! This afternoon I said they had to talk to me because I was going nuts with no conversation. I initiate conversation but receive a one answer response. Hopefully the time will come that they can initiate conversation with me. Maybe, because I am one of the owners, they feel imitated. The other day I dropped something and said “CRAP!” One employee couldn't help but snicker. Good, I thought, maybe there is some humor in them and hopefully something will blossom soon. (Rebecca editing to add: We are a veritable clown car of employment lately. We’ve progress from Team PJP to Clan PJP. I don’t doubt we are going to need it as we move to a six day a week schedule at the new store and the increased baking schedule, but it all feels completely out of the norm for us.)

Rebecca and I are both talkers and humor helps counter the stress of running a business. I have a strange sense of humor and some of my own thoughts will cause me to laugh out loud. A look, a phrase or an action can cause me to start laughing until I cry. (Rebecca editing to add: Last week, I FaceTimed her during a meeting with our construction manager and he tripped on his tape measure during our conversation. She laughed for a solid five minutes while on video.)

Rebecca can always make me laugh without trying. I love that personality trait about her. (Rebecca editing to add: I’m not particularly funny, but I’ll take the compliment. Everyone on Clan PJP thinks Jeanne is hilarious and all want shirts that say “oh, hush!” on them because that is her signature phrase.)

So here is to moving forward with great plans for PJP! I know that humor and laughter will be a big part of our plans.

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