Standing On Our Heads.

So you might have noticed that on Instagram and Facebook, we posted a poll to ask if you've ever wished that we were open on Mondays.  Which is sort of an ironic topic for today's post because I worked for part of the day AT the Starbucks to avoid working at our closed storefront since a steady stream of customers kept stopping by or calling about picking up pie today and we are well, we are closed on Mondays.  I guess I'm saying I low-key already know what we should do...but goodness, that doesn't make any of this any easier.


That said, let's start with all the positives.  We are eternally thankful to be busy enough to consider adding an additional day to the schedule.  Let's just get that straight, Universe, WE ARE THANKFUL FOR THE BUSINESS AND NEVER THINK WE TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.  So to be almost five years in (gasp!) and have the demand to even have the conversation of additional hours, well, that's something. 

And in reality, it is just taking what we do on Tuesday mornings and flipping it over 24 hours sooner, so in terms of work and planning and logistics...we are solid gold.  Honestly, we are working on PJP stuff on Mondays regardless, so it isn't like we would go from a life of laying like a log on the couch to working our tails off on Mondays if we decide to go forth with this plan.  Once you are already busy, what's a little more busyness, right?  Ahem.

So the negatives...welp, GAH, IT SOUNDS EXHAUSTING.  Also, it is a big change to our current routine.  And you know what is nice about routine?  It's safe and comforting and mentally relaxing...all things entrepreneurship traditionally isn't.  Also, we would probably initially look at opening on Mondays from September 10th to December 24th and then revert back to our five day schedule in the other months.  That won't be easy to market or explain to others all the time. 

Finally, the piece that a lot of people commented are Jeanne and I going to work six days a week?  Could we be smart enough and proactive enough to schedule each of us off one or two days out of that six?  Who in the world knows.  Does it even matter since we are only talking three month-ish?  (Fun fact...when I was growing up and struggled with going to school or participating in something, Jeanne would say to me "oh, well, you can stand on your head for that long".  And now I say it to my kids routinely.  So what I'm saying is, COULD WE STAND ON OUR HEADS FOR THREE-ISH MONTHS? And now that I think about it, that all sounds like perhaps I'm gymnastically inclined and for the record, please let me state that I've never been able to do a handstand OR a cartwheel even once in my life.  Long story short, I don't even know where Jeanne got her whole "you can stand on your head that long" thing, but I digress.)

We don't have any solid answers just yet, so we will probably ruminate on it for a bit longer and high-key wish a scroll would fall from the sky with a directive and a guarantee we are on the right path.  Though, come to think of it, that wouldn't be that easy to explain or market either, so I guess a lot comes down to who on Team PJP has schedule availability on Mondays.  And how long they can stand on their heads.