A Smattering.

To start with tonight, thank you so much for all of the insightful feedback on our Mondays or no Mondays decision.  Goodness, it is difficult to see the forest for the trees when you live so in the center of the PJP vortex, so outside opinions make all the difference.  I would say that the feedback definitely helped us lean one way more than the other, though we are still thinking a bit.  But that said, we think the later daily close time is an absolute must for the year round calendar.  So while we are contemplating big decisions, here are a smattering of small ones still worth noting:

  1. Pot pies, Central Dairy vanilla ice cream, and Reddi Wip are all in stock in our front cooler and freezer.  That is sort of like one of those lunar blood full moons phenomena that only happens every 78 years or something, right?  What I'm saying is that I wouldn't miss out, if only to Instagram your findings for posterity.
  2. September Epic pie tasting is slated for Thursday, September 20th.  The August event sold out in less than an afternoon, so text your people now and see who is available on the 20th.  Or just don't need to bring anyone, because Jeanne and I are more company than you could ever need.
  3. Our pie press for the jars HAS ARRIVED.  I had big plans for a confetti cannon but FedEx showed up when we were super busy and there was zero ceremony to the whole sign off.  And not that FedEx reads here, but I would pay extra for certain packages to be delivered with fanfare just for the happiness factor of it all.  Though judging by how fast the FedEx man runs in, drops the package and runs back out to his idling truck, fanfare likely isn't profitable to the bottom line.
  4. Which isn't to say that I won't make my own fanfare tomorrow when we take it out of the box in order to press our first jars for shipments on order for Wednesday.  And by fanfare, I mean "cry tears of joy and cuddle it like a baby".
  5. And finally, we are pretty certain we have seen EVERYTHING you can imagine in our parking lot (potholes! cigarettes! lone socks! dirty diapers!), but yesterday we noticed a trucker taking a nap in his semi truck.  In our front parking lot.  Huh.