Jeanne-ology: She's Back

It’s Thursday and while Jeanne has been missing in action around here on the blog lately, she’s back tonight for Jeanne-ology. Enjoy! Rebecca.


It has been a while since I have been able to contribute to our blog.  Why? Because it has been eight days of woe suffering a terrible sinus infection. It seemed to come on suddenly and wiped me out. Poor Rebecca carried all the burden of the shop's activities, including a pie tasting party. Of course she did great all week without me. It gave me comfort in knowing she is more than capable of running the shop without me. However, I suspect that she felt worn out. We are both co-dependent that way and just being in company with each other gives us that extra boost that we can conquer anything. (Rebecca editing to add: It was a long eight days. That’s all I will say about that.)

She would call everyday to see how I was feeling and keep me up-to-date on daily activities. I would listen and interject as much as possible. After the call ended, I would return to Netflix. (Rebecca editing to add: I think she maybe watched every single thing on Netflix EXCEPT the things I recommended.)

I finally begin to feel better on the sixth day. On day eight, I got dressed and went into the shop to help Rebecca on Monday as she worked on getting us ready for the week ahead. She was surprised to see me. I think she was wondering if I ever was coming back. I didn't tell her that at some point I had my doubts too! (Rebecca editing to add: spoiler alert - I already know how her mind works, and also my tendency to jump to the most dramatic conclusion is 100% genetic.)

I knew I needed to focus on getting back to routine. I wanted to get myself moving. On Tuesday, the next day, I was on time for work. It was hard, I admit, but more importantly, I showed up. By Wednesday, I felt a hundred percent better. (Rebecca editing to add: Hmmm. She was pretty stabby on Wednesday.)

Today, the bleach and my trusted razor blades were my best friends. Little things in the shop had been neglected, such as stained sink drains, floor corners, the exterior of the trash bins, and more! Everyone seems to groan when I drag out the cleaning supplies. (Rebecca editing to add: in my defense, I did clean the toilet in her absence. Jeesh.)

It is nice to be back, listening to Rebecca telling everyone about the day's baking schedule and what time orders are due. She will tell me all the things going on and all the things we need to do. (Rebecca editing to add: She calls me a taskmaster. She isn’t wrong.)

The shop is definitely a hot bed of activity. Work is good for me and I’m happy I feel better!