Plan On It.

I’m relieved to announce that today was decidedly better than yesterday at PJP Buttonwood. GOODNESS, let us all breathe a sign of relief. While we were busy and while we didn’t run to my 100% perfectionist standards, I didn’t eat an embarrassing amount of cookies to tamper down my emotions, so I’ll call that a win.

I was thinking today that January felt like it was a million years long, but February has passed by super quickly. Here’s all the things coming our way that I should mention:

  1. We are taking a few hundred tarts to True/False this weekend. I was under the impression that we needed to stay and put together a cute booth and hand out the samples to the attendees of the Reality Bites event. As it turns out, all we have to do is drop the tarts off and the festival handles the rest. Jason and I have plans to see a fair amount of the movies over Saturday and Sunday, though I’m gifting all the tickets for shows that start past 9 pm to Team PJP because we are lame and the thought of going to the movies at 10:45 makes me tired.

  2. Our Date Night/Bake Night event planned for February had to be rescheduled because of inclement weather, so we’ve chosen two March dates to ensure we get everyone back on the schedule. This has opened a few extra seats for Friday, March 8th and Saturday, March 23rd. The cost is $50 per couple and we will be making Chocolate Bourbon Pecan. You can reserve your spot by calling PJP - it is a super fun night out, plus we will start with champagne and I bet you even make some new friends. PJP is super good at immediately expanding the social circle.

  3. As you likely know, Pi(e) Day is quickly approaching on March 14th. If you are new around here, Pi(e) Day is both for the mathematical pi AND the celebration of regular pie. I completely zoned out of the whole pi discussion in 10th grade math, but a lot of people get VERY excited about pi (I think. I guess as excited as you can get about a circle’s circumference and diameter.) That said, more people get amped about celebrating regular pie…and can you blame them? So to that end, we discount all the baked pies in our store on 3/14 by $3.14 each.

  4. And if that hasn’t given you enough to write in your planner, I also realized that Friday, April 5th will be our first $5 Friday in quite a while. If you recall, we sell all of our baby pies for $5 whenever the calendar naturally falls with the 5th on a Friday. It only happened once in 2018, so I promise that April 5th will be crazy busy and unquestionably fun.

  5. On April 17th, we will celebrate our 5th birthday. I am completely unsure about what we should do to celebrate, though our norm is to treat our anniversary like any regular day. Five though…five is a milestone, right? Part of me thinks we should plan something to celebrate and part of me thinks we should just lay down in the parking lot and thank the heavens above that we survived 60 months. Immediately adjacent to the vast pothole filled with murky water, of course…for the full effect.