If we are going to get serious about finding a larger space for our sweet PJP, then we are going to have to get serious about finding a stream of money that isn’t quite the shoestring budget that started us off five years ago. (Because if you recall, we opened our doors without even having a sign outside our door because we couldn’t afford one. That it didn’t bother us or cause us concern is one of my most favorite things about Jeanne and I. That was a pretty gutsy move in retrospect and it would eventually set the tone for how we navigate through our first few years.)

But, of course, with more space comes more…well, more everything. And while this likely won’t surprise you, please know that commercial baking equipment is SUPER EXPENSIVE.

tenor (3).gif

Actually, everything in a retail storefront is expensive. Or at least for the sort of storefront that Jeanne and I enjoy.

Which is all just to say that I think we are going to have to do what we said we would never do: write a business plan. Just the thought of it makes me gag a little because it seems like a terribly archaic exercise to convince a bank that lending money is a good idea. We have enough data about the last five years of sales at PJP to fill a vault with paper, so does typing out our vision for a larger PJP space really do anything for either us or the bank? I don’t think so.

Righteous indignation aside, I’m not certain it can be avoided because every bank I’ve talked with has the same litany of requests - sales report, taxes, and a plan. And part of me wants to direct them right to this site, because if you’ve ever wanted to know what is going on in the mind of PJP, well…I publish it right here on the Internet on a regular basis. And look, even if we have all the data requested, I’m certain they will need the blood of my first born child, a personal guarantee, and our souls…in no particular order.

I’m just joking, sorta. Banks make me nervous, primarily because the balance of power is completely off. And they won’t love PJP or believe in PJP nearly as much as Jeanne and I do. While they need graphs of sales growth, I’m more inclined to include a chart of just how much our love for PJP has grown. Dare I say, a pie chart of that love? Sorry…I couldn’t help myself.

So I’ll just be over here researching how to write good business plans, when I’m not busy helping PJP grow by baking, answering emails, organizing Thanksgiving, pricing all of our new cute shirts, and more. Maybe I’ll just make a time lapse video of a week of PJP and then anyone could see what a sure bet she is for long-term amazingness.

Or if someone wants to drop by with a hug and a note for $50,000 plus interest, well that is super easier than taking the blood of my first born.