Jeanne-ology: Perspective.

Hey there, it’s Rebecca. It’s Thursday and that means Jeanne takes the reins on the blog. I shared my thoughts on Tuesday about a larger space for PJP and now it is her turn. Enjoy!

Well, it is Thursday and Rebecca reminded me that I needed to write the blog. (She also hinted that I have missed a few Jeanne-ology blog posts.) Although I write once a week, it is still a struggle for me! (Rebecca editing to add: I hinted A LOT.)

THE PJP fall schedule has jumped up to a whole new level with pie orders, parties, and other projects on the horizons. I am very grateful for all the new customers and the business of making a lot of pie.  The downside to all this activity is that Rebecca and I cannot seem to grab a solid 30 minutes to discuss anything. We are good at looking at different ideas with two completely different perspectives. We always seem to bounce around our thoughts and come to a conclusion. (Rebecca editing to add: Truth. As similar as we are in our final decisions, our thought process couldn’t be more different.)

giphy (2).gif

We have been looking a possible new space for PJP when our lease is up in the spring of 2019. Doubling our space would be exciting and allow us more products to offer to our customers. I drew up a sketch of what the new location might look like. I included all kinds of equipment and tables that we would need. I even included a walk-in freezer because we are always running out of freezer space. Rebecca poured over my sketch and said, "we can't have a walk in freezer! They are too expensive!” They probably are, but, what is the use of moving to a larger location and not be properly equipped with everything we need?! I basically included equipment and space for a dream pie bakery.  I had so much joy this past weekend playing with different ideas all sketched on graph paper. (Rebecca editing to add: She basically sketched up every sort of kitchen equipment that can be purchased, put on a semi-truck, and delivered to Columbia, Missouri. In case you are curious, it would take between 200 and 500 nine-inch pies to pay for that walk-in freezer. HOLY CRAP. I’m going to have to erase it off her graph paper when she is distracted making pot pie in our current undersized kitchen space.)

We have so many great ideas when it comes to creative projects. I often say that between she and I, we have more ideas than Heinz has pickles. Our ideas are big and sometimes outrageous, but always fun. Some people have dreams and pursue them. Other people are not risk takers and too scared to dream. I have heard of a couple of comments this week that point out their view that we should just stay the way we are. Really?  Nothing ever stays the same. That is my justification for upping the game for PJP. If we stay where we are, there is not enough room for us to grow. Plain and simple. (Rebecca editing to add: If I had a dollar for every time she’s told me that “nothing stays the same”, I would be able to pay cash for the walk-in freezer…and goodness knows what else.)