Now You Know

As I write this, the final 47 six packs for our massive 2,574 Jelly Jar order are cooling down for an early morning pickup at PJP. As we closed the lid on the absolute final box, I felt 100% less stressed than in the previous seven days leading up to this event. And also like I would enjoy sitting for the next 10 days. WHEW.


And now that the project is over, we’ve tried to go back to some semblance of a normal PJP life. Jeanne made an extraordinary amount of chicken pot pie this afternoon and I answered no less than a thousand emails that had sat ignored as we made thousands of pies. I also paid bills because you know who doesn’t care if we have a lot to do? The Kroenke Group. And the City of Columbia Utility department. (Actually, they wouldn’t care if we had nothing to do either, so there’s that.)

Now that we’ve navigated Roots and Blues and $5 Friday and Jelly Jar Extravaganza, we are looking right at 120 pies or so for the Rock Bridge Elementary Chicken BBQ on Saturday. Also, we have enough orders for the store that the clip for Friday’s orders slowly slid down our metal wall this afternoon from the overwhelming weight of the order forms…which is the international sign for “OMG, we have a lot to bake”. Now you know.

But all that said, both Jeanne and I left PJP well before dark today and that is a solid win over the last few weeks. I sat for an hour tonight and did NOTHING and it was basically glorious and made me feel like a human again. I’m not sure when it will happen again, but it was top notch while it happened. Considering the younger and more naive versions of ourselves would still be baking jars right now and tying forks at 2 am (true story), an hour of nothing tonight was a small yet exceptionally significant milestone in the PJP story. Hallelujah.