So you might wonder what exactly we did after baking and selling 974 pies on $5 Friday. And really, it’s pretty simple…we just showed up on Saturday and started in again like the previous 24 hours hadn’t ever happened. Except we were out of our regular pie boxes, a fair amount of ingredients, and we were all tired and sore like we had just finished a pie baking marathon…BECAUSE WE HAD.

On the upside, I noticed that in the midst of all the crazy on Friday, UPS had delivered our much anticipated “PIES BEFORE GUYS” t-shirts and mugs. Both the shirts and the mugs flew off the shelves on Saturday, but we have one mug and several shirts left in large and extra large.


And then on Sunday, if you are interested to know, we all reconvened at 9 am to dive headfirst into our 2,574 Jelly Jar order. TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR JELLY JARS. Thankfully for us, the company purchasing the jars asked to pick them up over several days because the jars will be gifts for clients all over Missouri. We had 128 six packs ready Monday morning, 146 six packs ready this morning, 110 to be picked up tomorrow, and we will finish it all out on Thursday. It’s no joke to say that we’ve baked our little hearts on this project. And there has been so much extra help from Team PJP during hours they aren’t normally scheduled. Heck, even Behind-The-Scenes Jason worked all day Sunday helping clean and sticker jars and anything else I needed from him. Also, in full disclosure, I paid my 16 year old son handsomely in PS4 gift cards to fold every single Jelly Jar box we needed this week. NO REGRETS.

I will say here that although this particular project has been fairly grueling for us all, we so appreciate the opportunity we’ve been given. This particular company - Peak Sport and Spine - could have easily ordered client appreciation gifts from any thousands of prepackaged gifts off the Internet without a second thought. That they kept such a large order local to our community is worth shouting from the rooftops. Not only does this project make an impact in PJP finances, it helps spread #worldpiedomination as these Jelly Jars are delivered all over Missouri. And when we all help each other, it’s so good for the City of Columbia and for the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Also, I think I need to book an appointment with one of their therapists for a Whisking Elbow assessment.