New Location Q&A

It is pretty safe to say that we’ve settled nicely into our new space at PJP Nifong. Yesterday we were open for our first non-Thanksgiving week Monday ever in the history of PJP, prompting us to be confused both yesterday and today about what day it actually is (and I’m betting we’re still confused tomorrow). We set zero sales expectations for Monday, simply because we had nothing to compare it to, but it turned out to be a lovely and busy day full of new customers who never even knew we were closed on Mondays for five years. Sounds right.

Here is a round up of the most commonly asked questions we’ve received:

  1. How are we liking our new space? We are basically in love with it. Call us smitten kittens for our new-to-us 2,100 square feet.

  2. Do we miss our old space? Only in memory. And in proximity to Starbucks.

  3. What do we like the most? Obviously, the increase in square footage has been a dream, but the low-key MVP of this whole process has been the lighting inside PJP Nifong. Also, two thumbs up to all the windows that line our storefront and provide us with natural light that the canopy at PJP Buttonwood hid from us.

  4. Are we busy and how do we figure out how much pie to make? We’ve been really busy during these first few days. Figuring out what to bake is really just taking a best guess approach and learning to scale to the increased traffic flow is going to take a hot minute, but we are getting there.

  5. Is having an office everything I dreamt it to be? ONE HUNDRED PERCENT YES.

  6. Why do I never see your cars parked in front of the store? Because Jeanne and I get to park in the back of the building. It isn’t very illustrious back there, but we will take our perks where we can find them.

  7. Does your new location make going to Hyvee any easier? Goodness, yes. Today I went and got buttermilk and was there and back so quickly that part of Team PJP didn’t even realize I had left. I would seriously kill it on a reboot of Supermarket Sweep.

  8. How’s the extra set of ovens working out? Gah, I can’t even tell you what sort of upgrade it is to go from two ovens to four ovens. Premium.

  9. How’s Team PJP adjusting? Everyone is doing well, despite being a little worn out. And still figuring out where we put back everything after it is washed and dried.

  10. Are we taking Thanksgiving orders yet? Gulp. We are going to need it to be October before we can start talking about November.

tenor (8).gif