Jeanne-ology: I Need Organization.

Hey there! It’s Thursday and Jeanne is back with her take on the past two weeks. I feel like I’ve barely seen her except to talk about the bare minimum. I’m just as curious as you to see what she has to say. Enjoy!


Hello Thursday readers! What a whirlwind this past week has been! Moving into our new location, trying to get organized, training new staff, whew! I am worn out and so is Rebecca. Being open on Monday has thrown us seriously off. I feel like tomorrow should be Saturday! I am still working in the afternoon and am hopeful that I can return to the morning schedule soon. (Rebecca editing to add: No joke that we are all tired. Adjusting to our new space has been overwhelming, but Team PJP has taken it all in stride. Learning new routines, baking more, AND opening an extra day each week is a huge ask and we seriously appreciate all the hard work and effort everyone has contributed.)

Although we have a brand new air conditioning, our shop is hot. Yesterday afternoon, with sweat running down my face and my clothes sticking to me, I declared that I was not coming back until someone fixes the AC! I called the company that put in the new unit and they came out immediately. It seems our filters were dirty due to the construction activity. They checked all the duct work and before they left, the temperature began to fall. Thank goodness, I was ready to bail out on Rebecca and the new shop! (Rebecca editing to add: Air conditioning issues plague me. But our first month’s bill at PJP Nifong is $850 CHEAPER than the last month at PJP Buttonwood, so as long as a filter change fixes the situation, THAT’S FINE.)

Another thing that is driving me nuts is the disorganization in our storage rooms and office. Since Monday I have been trying to get some organization. I even came in early a couple of days to put up shelving for the office and sort through the odds and ends laying in boxes that everyone seems to step around. I can't live this way! Everything should have a designated place and once established, I expect things to be returned to the same place. (Rebecca editing to add: the building could be burning down around her and she would try to hammer in the last nail on a shelving unit so at least it burned down the way she envisioned it.)

Rebecca has been coping better with the disorganization than I have. When I come in, she is usually in our office working on emails and other stuff I cannot do. Her desk is clean and nice. That is because my granddaughter sorted out our office. The only problem is that my side of the office is loaded down with stuff she didn't know what to do with. My desk and my half of the office is so stacked with stuff that I can't even set a drink down on the desk! (Rebecca editing to add: The mess IS making me crazy, but I’m not interested in the patience one needs to hang floating shelves in our office. She uses a level and anchor screws and takes a sweet forever to plan it all out. Nope.)

All that said, I am enjoying the larger space. I haven't run into any employee yet or hit anyone accidentally with a sheet pan. I think I may even heard that they don't have any new bruises. That is true because everyone seems to have plenty of room to move aside when they see me coming. (Rebecca editing to add: Somewhere, our insurance agent just broke into a cold sweat reading this.)

Our sales have been through the roof this first week and we have had so many new customers. Blessings abound. I know that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around our bodies will cope with a 15 to 18 hour day. No problem! (Rebecca editing to add: As long as she has her shelves up, anything is possible.)