Hold It All Together

So here we are in the midst of Small Business Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Nurse’s Appreciation Week. GOODNESS. (Can you imagine a world cognizant of the contributions of teachers and nurses by simply offering fair pay for their hard work? I KNOW, CALL ME CRAZY.)

And as for small business week, PJP is a busy and demanding girl right now. Here’s all the things to know:

  1. We will be at the Inside Columbia Best of Columbia party on Thursday evening, celebrating our win for Best Bakery. In fact, we are giving away a pair of tickets to the event over on our Facebook page, so hustle on over and enter before we chose a winner tomorrow morning.

  2. Also, in full disclosure, I’ve been pretty shameless about photographing Inside Columbia with PJP on the cover everywhere I’ve spotted it. I was even pleased as punch when it was delivered to my own mailbox on Friday. Lord help me if we are ever on the cover of a national magazine…I will need to be saved from myself.

  3. Our order board for this week is heavy with orders for pies in all sizes and for all sorts of events, with a heavy focus on Mother’s Day. We are SUPER excited to announce that our beloved Emily of Sugarberry Blooms will be at PJP on Saturday morning with a Mother’s Day holiday pop-up shop. Emily’s floral arrangements are nothing less than amazing and personally, I can’t even wait to have her back in PJP. She will have a variety of flower bundles and arrangements for your mom, grandmother, sister, friend, or anyone else who has supported you when you’ve needed it.

  4. Emily should actually consider the pop-up shop for Small Business Week, wherein I could buy an arrangement for every single person that has kept me sane as the tenuous nature of entrepreneurship has threatened my sanity. Once I figure out the answer, I plan to write a book about why some days are smooth sailing through calm seas and why some days I find myself struggling with no less than 41 things. I did lay on our living room floor with my face buried in the fat folds of our Labrador Retriever’s neck tonight as therapy for a long day…so I guess I would need to buy him a bone from our friends at Lizzi & Rocco’s, as he is unmoved by delightful floral arrangements.

  5. And finally, next week is a tremendous week at PJP. We have something planned for Monday that isn’t just-quite-ripe for public discussion, PBS comes to film on Thursday, and then Team PJP members Katie and Andrew graduate on Saturday. Goodness, that is a solid set of milestones for sure. Emily? I’m going to need some more thanks-for-helping-me-hold-it-all-together flowers, please.

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