Lately, I’ve been terribly distracted by the plan to have a larger PJP storefront in 2019. It is on my mind all the time (sort of like Snoop Dogg’s “with my mind on my money and my money on my mind”…except I’ve got my mind on my storefront and my storefront on my mind). Also, I’ll always take vodka and juice over gin and juice.

Which is all just to say that PJP planning stops none of the day-to-day in our current space, except our space restrictions become more and more intolerable as we move closer and closer to a larger space decision. In fact, we actually have started implementing a night crew of Team PJP members now and then to help us control some of our space and time issues as we prep for large events - like the 500 tarts we will take to the Inside Columbia party tomorrow night.

Here’s a brain dump of all the things distracting me:

  1. I actually just read a long article about digging up grease traps and moving them to new locations. Turns out absolutely no one thinks this is a good idea…except for me because I was going to call the blog post “Have Grease Trap, Will Travel”.

  2. Actually, moving grease traps is the least of the interesting things about grease traps. I learned a lot, but mainly that $200 to have ours pumped out is a veritable bargain. You do NOT want to know how some people avoid that pumping out fee, I promise you.

  3. We have no less than five companies currently submitting bids for the equipment we have identified as must needed additions. And then someone today texted me a picture of a lovely used double Vulcan convection oven being sold for $1000. Normally, I would eschew used equipment…but this unit looked shiny new and $6000 less than the quotes I’ve received thus far. Here is what holds me back though…what if the oven has bad karma, as in…the owner was failing and so the oven needed to go? Is $6000 worth the factory fresh no history bill of saddened ownership? I’m going to say yes, but I’ll tell you know that Jeanne is going to have a fit when she reads this opinion.

  4. Two customers complained to me today about our massively large pothole turned lake in our parking lot. (You know who hates wet socks? EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD. It is the one thing that truly unites us all.) Is a pothole a reason to add to the pro-moving column? Maybe not. But a pothole-turned-lake is a total pro column item.

  5. We worked this semester with a group of Mizzou students in a statistics class (don’t quote me on that specifically…I failed statistics in the winter of 1995 and I’ve blocked most of it out). Anyway, for their semester project, they surveyed our customers about an expansion of hours. If we looked at adding an extra day, should that be Sunday or Monday? And wouldn’t you know…the response split right down the middle. And this is why statistics is dead to me. (Though in my defense, I did retake the failed class in the summer of 1996 and passed. Barely.)

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