Fan Girling

It’s time again to take a deep dive into our Google analytics to see which keyword searches landed visitors on the World Pie Domination blog site. As always, the results never fail to disappoint:

  1. Cookie Domination. Jeanne makes a legendary cookie, that is for sure. They are so good that her cookies are the only non-pie related item produced in the PJP kitchen. People often ask for more flavors of cookies, but that is a gateway drug to trying to make ALL THE THINGS and I’m not here for that.

  2. Tasting Spoons Blog. We do, in fact, use tasting spoons at PJP. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned tasting spoons on the blog because there isn’t much to say about 1,000 tiny spoons that arrive in a large box from Uline. But if someone has some good content about tasting spoons, I wouldn’t put it past myself to read it.

  3. PJP Wholesale Store. I have no idea. I have enough anxiety from trying to open one regular retail store, so I’ll pass on a wholesale store.

  4. Hold It All Together. It is pretty charming that someone might think I’m holding it all together. Because I’m not. I’m looking into getting my middle name changed to “Anxiety”. Just kidding. Sorta.

  5. Nifong Blog. Nifong Boulevard doesn’t have a blog, that i’m aware of. That said, I would be happy to write one. Here’s the theme of the first post: Please don’t sit and try to turn left out of the Hyvee parking lot onto Nifong because everyone behind you will hate you for the 15 minutes we all sit and wait for you to finally find a break in the traffic.

  6. Henry Kissinger Net Worth. One my favorite genres to read is biography, but I’ve never read anything about Henry Kissinger (but I’m adding to my library list now). I am currently reading a biography of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson. Spicy take: Lyndon would have never made it as POTUS without the genius and patience of Lady Bird.

  7. Big Lots Columbia, MO: Sometimes I go to Big Lots to remind myself of all the reasons I don’t like Big Lots. That is all.

  8. Best Baking Blog: Honestly, I rarely blog about baking. But I’ll take the accolade.

  9. Chaos Coordinator. Me. Every day. All day.

  10. Elin Hilderbrand Instagram: New York Times best selling author Elin Hilderbrand follows us on Instagram and it takes everything in my soul not to fan-girl every time she leaves us a comment. True story.

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