Either One.

So, if you are curious, 491 of you felt like we should definitely go to the National Pie Championship in April. And one of you said it was too costly to risk being salty when it was all over. And one person said they really didn’t care whether we went or not, which I guess is fair.

And based on all that, Jeanne and I were leaning fairly heavily toward booking plane tickets and throwing caution to the pie baking wind. One thing kept nagging at us both though…where exactly would we bake the pies? The paperwork mentioned nothing about baking accommodations. In my mind, I pictured the hotel kitchen. But I’ve seen enough movies to wonder if we would all have adorable baking stations sponsored by the Egg Producers of America lobby. So I emailed the American Pie Council to ask.

As it turns out, they just recommend you rent a condo in the Orlando area if you need an oven.

giphy (1).gif

Does that seem odd to anyone else? Apparently most attendees just travel to Orlando with their completed pies, which doesn’t align with the scenario I had in mind. I just can’t get 100% behind stowing a Brown Butter Chess in the overhead compartment of an 70% on time United flight. Call me crazy.

I’ve added a to-do item of fully researching Orlando AirBnB accommodations with amazing kitchens to my list. But just between you and me, I’m totally disappointed the whole thing wasn’t set up like the set of Nailed It. I also envisioned Nicole Byer hosting it. Ahem.

In other news:

  1. We’ve introduced a Vegetable Pot Pie to join the freezer with the Chicken and Beef pot pies. It’s pretty amazing and selling quickly.

  2. I caught up on four weeks of QuickBooks today, which was as boring as I expected. If it were interesting though, I wouldn’t have procrastinated for four weeks.

  3. I actually made myself sit on the front bench of PJP to do it so that I wouldn’t be distracted by anything else going on, which is an all-time new low. You know what I want for 2019? AN OFFICE.

Or, I guess a kitchen in proximity to where pies are judged for a national competition. Either one.