Jeanne-ology: Behemoth

Hi There! It’s Thursday, so Jeanne is here with her thoughts on PJP (and goodness knows what else) this week. Enjoy! Rebecca.


Hello Thursday readers!  That sounds chipper, doesn't it?  Except I don't have a thing to say.  Rebecca says I always have something to say.  Not really, I respond.  I do have a lot of thoughts and ideas, but nothing notable to speak about.  This week has been a little slower after Memorial Day.  I expected it to be so.  I suggested to Rebecca that maybe it would be a good time to work on projects that get pushed to the wayside when we are busy.  Good idea, she said - let’s work on merchandising, scheduling new employees, the Fake Wedding event in Kansas City, and blah, blah, blah.  I was thinking more about cleaning and other tangible things we could do right now and see immediate results.  She shrugged, I sighed and we quickly came to the corner of impasse and a standstill. (Rebecca editing to add: blah, blah, blah? Hmpf.)

The most notable thing that happened this week was that Rebecca and I walked over to our new location and watching the crane lift off the old AC unit and replace that old behemoth with a new shiny HVAC.  Reed Heating and Air was kind enough to let us take pictures and let us hang out while they did their work.  The old unit was as big as a vehicle!  It was showing wear and tear and some rust, so we were so glad to see it be retired to the scrap metal graveyard.  With a new energy efficient unit, maybe our body temperatures will stay at a comfortable level.  There is nothing worse than fighting sweat while pulling baked pies from the ovens!  Right now, once I get home and switch into lounge wear, it sounds like pulling velcro when I change clothes.  That is the sound it makes because everything it stuck to me.  No doubt, all the staff feels the same way once they leave the PJP Buttonwood. (Rebecca editing to add: I was so amped to finally see the much discussed and much negotiated 1984 HVAC removed from the roof…it truly made my day. And just so you have the visual, here is the old unit:)


After all this excitement, Rebecca told me that PBS will be coming back on Monday to do all our interviews. On their last visit, there was too much noise from a regular baking day to be able to get good audio of us. As soon as she got the email, Rebecca immediately scheduled an appointment to get her hair done before the camera crew arrives, but I’m just showing up as my normal self. Except I might stop by Hyvee and stick my head in the vegetable freezer section before I go on camera, instead of during the filming like last time! (Rebecca editing to add: I’m going to stop by PJP Buttonwood on Sunday and turn the thermostat to 60 degrees…that should make it a cool 75 by the time the cameras and lights arrive. I’ll miss a lot of things about PJP Buttonwood, but probably not much when I’m standing under the cool flow of that new HVAC at PJP Nifong.)