Time Well Spent

Well, if you are keeping track, today we sold NO Reddi-whip at all...which maybe just means that zero out of four people are interested in purchasing aerosol whipping cream.  Or today wasn't a representative sample of whipping cream sales to come and my general nature as an alarmist is skewing my expectations (it's been known to happen). While we are on the tangent of "let's fix all the stuff people ask us about buying", we did order pints of vanilla ice cream for sale in our front freezers.  Immediately after submitting the order, we all concluded that the hardest part about the decision to buy ice cream will be ignoring the temptation to eat it ourselves.  And then we discussed ice cream pie and pie shakes and a whole litany of things that probably aren't terribly sustainable or realistic, but fun and interesting to consider nonetheless.  We've even thrown a baby French Silk pie in the Ninja blender with a fair amount of ice cream to see what happens...and the theory is remarkable, but the execution is lackluster.  I'm fairly certain we would need a legitimate shake mixer and not a $79 Ninja to actually bring pie shakes to life.  Add it to the long list of stuff that we low-key think about.

And then we had a brief meeting with a local company about a line of personalized greeting cards to sale in our store.  We are asked quite often if we sell cards and we certainly aren't opposed to the idea, though just looking around online for wholesale greeting cards is just as messy and expensive as you might guess.  We are completely excited to see where this new collaboration might take us because if anything, I'm going to mail a "Do You Even Sift, Bro?" card to everyone I've ever met.  And maybe a few to some people I would like to meet.

Finally, we baked a lot of pies and sold a lot of pies and even delivered some pies, taking the time to have an earnest conversation between Jeanne and I in transit about our obvious lack of space at PJP Buttonwood and just what to do about it.  Spoiler alert:  we have no answers.  That said, we specialize in conversations with no real end points and no deliverables, so I'm still considering it time well spent.