The Floors Are Fine.

Four years ago today, I took this picture...

That's standing at the entryway of PJP, looking directly through our space to the open back door.

Remarkable, isn't it?

That afternoon, the floors would be stained and the next morning, the equipment would be moved in and suddenly we would be well on our way to having a storefront.  Everything about this picture is so young and anxious to grow into something amazing.  Also, to me this picture feels a little uncertain.  Maybe only because I remember feeling so uncertain the day I stood there in the doorway and took the picture.  I might have mentioned it here a time or two:  I HAD NO CLUE WHAT I WAS DOING (and it is significantly sobering to know you have $20,000 worth of commercial baking equipment waiting for installation).

And while I have all these feelings, I would bet you just about anything that Jeanne is only eyeing that picture and wishing more than anything she could have the space that open for just one day to completely power wash and re-stain the floors as a 4th birthday present to PJP.  Trust me on this one.

I would also bet you just about anything that we've walked a few million steps in that space over the last few years.  A FEW MILLION AT LEAST, and that's even ignoring my propensity to be overdramatic.  I can promise you that we've seen the sun rise from that space, the sun set, and we've even spent the entire night there on more than one occasion.  We've had some tremendously low moments in that space and some of the best moments ever right there.  And on one or more occasions, we've hated that space and everything in it...because we are human and because entrepreneurship is no joke.

But mainly, I look at the picture and think of all the good that would come our way as we started to fill that space and start our slow march toward #worldpiedomination.  I wish I could tell my uncertain self that there is a certain je ne sais quoi to owning a refrigerator that costs more than a first car and that the good coming our way was going to make all the difficult worth it.  And also, Jeanne, if you are reading...THE FLOORS ARE FINE.  Trust me on this one.