Bonus Points.

I'm probably not the only one on Team PJP still struggling to recover from an epic Friday and Saturday of Easter pie baking.  I rolled into PJP a bit before 4 am on Saturday and was the last one out at 4:30 that afternoon, as we were busier than we've ever been on Easter weekend.  By late Saturday night (and by late, I mean 9 pm), I was sort of a hot mess and put myself to bed...only to dream about long lines of expectant customers and ovens full of meringues that weren't drying out properly.  Gulp.  I may be losing it.

Here's what I do know:

  1. I answered no less than 85 emails today.  I'm not sure how because I don't even have 85 responses worth sharing.  I think there should be one day a year where we all just don't email as a nationwide holiday.  Can you imagine how much less stress we would all feel if we knew no one was emailing us for 24 hours?
  2. Not that I would want anyone to call me though.  There are only about seven people in this world that I answer when they call.  It's a terrible personality trait that I used to feel poorly about, but meh, I've sorta accepted it about myself at this point.
  3. Also, can we finally just agree as a nation that we are over voicemail?  I refuse to set up my voicemail because we both know I'll never listen to a single message.  I have considered setting it up to say "just hang up and text me" but then I feel bad because I know some people love voicemail and can't figure out what my problem is.  Honestly, even I don't know.  If you have thoughts about it, text me.
  4. Last week, I purchased a SUPER cute chicken from Hobby Lobby to create a cute sign for the front table when we have chicken pot pie in stock.  Once Mac walked in, he asked how I didn't appreciate the irony of a chicken holding a sign for chicken pot pie.  Honestly, it never occurred to me and frankly, I'm disappointed in myself because irony is my love language.  Now I love the chicken even more, if that's possible.
  5. Earlier today, I posted an open position we have for a pie baker.  We will need some one soon from 8-2 Tuesday through Saturday.  It's rare that we recruit staff, as we stay pretty consistent with Team PJP, so I feel a heap of anxiety at the thought of finding the right person.  It doesn't help that Jeanne and I are both terrible at interviewing, basing most of our line of questioning on whether the person enjoys pets and house renovation programming and then squealing with delight to any affirmative answer to either question.  All that said, Behind The Scenes Jason is stepping out of the shadows and into the interviewing ring, at least as we start to vet through candidates.  If you are interested in becoming part of the most fun group of people ever, send a resume to  Bonus points if you know Trading Spaces is returning to television this week.  Or minus 10 points because I doubt Jason even knows what that is (but if you make it past round two and meet either of us, well then...)