Bye Felicia

Well, here we are on the final Monday of January...which is nice because this is actually the FIFTH Monday of the month.  So really, it feels like January has taken a sweet forever and by now, it feels like it could by July 2023.  But it is still just January.  But I guess there is some hope of some Super Blue Blood Moon on Wednesday and that hasn't happened since like 1866.  (I don't know that for sure, I actually just had to google "super big blood blue moon" to even find the correct name of this event.)  But whatever, it's like the universe is throwing a party to wrap up January.  And we are throwing our January Epic Pie Tasting on the same day.  See what we did there?

Otherwise, I just have tidbits of news...

  1. I'll be speaking at the University of Missouri law school in March to law students about my path from practicing law to running #worldpiedomination.  I especially can't wait to tell them just how the color drained from Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason's face when I said "hey, you know all that student loan debt we have from law school?  I think I'm going to have to quit and bake pies with mom."  (His response?  "You better bake one helluva lot of pies."  True story.)
  2. We have plans to move out our original 1950s refrigerator to my house this week to make room for new things coming our way.  Our custom pie servers shipped today and I'm a little excited for their arrival.  I know...Super Lame, Party of One.
  3. But that refrigerator is going to look pretty cute on my screened in porch this summer.  It will be a good holding place until we have a national headquarters building and we need memorabilia.  Ahem.
  4. Someone emailed me today and all it said was "Hi.  Can you mail me a sample?".  Wait, what?  I just wanted to respond and say a) no and b) that the email smacked of some weird Internet scheme but with some serious low-key effort.  I feel like if it someone is going to scheme for a sample, they should at least claim to be the prince/princess of somewhere...right?  I deleted it but then had a whole moment of "what if that was Oprah's personal assistant and he needed a sample so that Oprah could consider us for her favorite things list?"
  5. Also, we received our first letter from a prison a few weeks ago.  Someone in Arkansas is "interested in doing business" with us, though he doesn't have the Internet so we would need to write back.  SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.  How did he get our address without Internet access?  And does he envision us sending Jelly Jar pies and then he resells them there?  I don't know the answer to any of these questions, but I've wasted significant time thinking about them...