Good Luck and God Bless.

Well, here we are with just two days left for holiday pie pickups.  Earlier this week, Mac and Kevin departed for their holiday travels and today we lost both Emily and Andrew to their holiday plans, so Team PJP is ironically shrinking as the workload expands.  Thankfully, Katie and Erin have committed to see us through to the bitter end on Saturday, but you can feel the energy in our space shift as there are less of us left each day.  (Actually, it reminds me of some sort of scary movie wherein the Earth is about to be hit by some out-of-control meteor and a creepy voice on a staticky radio signs off with some sort of "Good luck and God Bless" message while everyone takes cover.) See where my mind takes me when I'm overwhelmed?

All that said, we did exceptionally well today...especially considering we made just about every pie flavor on our menu and in every single size of pie we offer.  And we worked so hard to accommodate all of the last minute requests that came pouring in (but darn near everyone that came into the store today was an absolute delight, which makes our day all the better).  We even carved out the time to have family lunch together and play the PJP version of "Would You Rather?", which typically involves asking a tired group of bakers if they would rather make 50 12-inch lattice topped cherry pies or 50 12-inch White Chocolate Strawberry pies by 9 am tomorrow.  (White Chocolate Strawberry all day, every day.)

And as our day wrapped up, I received an email from Buzzfeed that PJP has been featured in a popular post today about last minute subscription box ideas.  We were included on the list with Birchbox, which is esteemed company to be included with (especially considering most women on Team PJP adore their Birchbox subscription).  But, that said, I was secretly relieved that the final day for UPS shipping has passed us by and all of those new Jelly Jar box subscribers will be a project to tackle in January.  It will be a distraction from the to-do list I've started to create for January called the "Stuff I Ignored All Fall Because We Were Too Busy" list.  (Every year at this point, I wish I were the sort of girl that religiously uses a planner and involves washi tape and glitter markers and tooth shaped stickers to indicate dentist appointments in that planner.  But I'm not, so there's that.)

If planning is your thing, please note that we will be closed December 24th through January 3rd so we can spend some time with our people and watch a lot of Netflix.  But not buy glitter markers.  Or tooth shaped stickers, if those are actually a thing.