Less Crying. And Less Chickens.

Well, honestly, the only thing I can say about today is that at least tomorrow is a new day. Seriously.

A few times each year, we have a day at PJP Buttonwood that straight up slays us.  We've been on a pretty good streak lately, so we were overdue for a day that was overwhelming and stressful and more than a little bit maddening.  And now that we've paid our dues, I'm hopeful the rest of the week is smooth sailing through calm seas.  Here's a few things to note:

  1. We've closed down orders for the rest of the week.  It became necessary when I realized that we have orders this week for almost every single thing on our menu in every single size of pie we make.  We will try to stock the storefront normally, at least through Friday.
  2. Saturday's availability is anyone's guess, as our order volume frightens me.  I'm certain that at 4 pm on Saturday, I'll just lock the front door and lay on the flour covered floor and be thankful for surviving it (assuming that we actually do...overdramatic, party of one).
  3. But our new freezer full of ready-to-bake pies and homemade chicken pot pies has been a savior since we plugged it in, with customers loving the options available.  Jeanne roasted 15 chickens today and made a million or so pot pies.  15 CHICKENS.  The thought still makes me cringe, as cutting chicken off the bone skeeves me out.  She's basically Entrepreneur of the Year.  Chef of the Year.  Chicken Handler of the Year.
  4. Two walk-in customers tried to order today and then cried when we couldn't accept their order.  And that always is alarming because pie should be fun and most definitely not worth crying about.  In both cases, I folded like a cheap suit.  Don't tell anyone.
  5. That said, I ran by a local business on my way home to pick up something I had ordered for a present and overheard a woman at the counter asking that an exception be made to the store's deadlines and then she started to cry and I thought OH MY GOODNESS.  Apparently, 2017 has been harder on us all that we know because we are crying over baked goods and last minute gifts.  Or we are all just slowly losing our minds.  In this woman's case, the owner wasn't there and the counter help didn't cave at the sight of tears.  Which makes me think that I'm not even going to PJP Buttonwood tomorrow to spare myself.  (Who are we kidding?  I'll be there from the first minute to the last minute.)

So here's to the promise of tomorrow.  And 100% less crying.  And 100% less chicken carving.