Well, here we are...just shy of 17 days until the end of the year, 11 days until Christmas, and 45 hours until the end of our Kickstarter campaign to buy a pie truck.  And that is nothing comparative to the past hour I just spent helping my sixth grader create a pond ecosystem food web, something I hadn't even thought of since 1987 and not a single time since (somewhere, my middle school science teacher isn't surprised).  Though, Behind-The-Scenes Jason spent 30 minutes working with the same sixth grader on a box and whiskers plot because frankly, I'd never heard of one of those before.  And I hope I never do again.  Since when did 6th grade become the new 10th grade?

But for all the things we did today, we were most excited to see the electricians stop by to work on the wiring to our new freezer.  And like most things, it wasn't a simple "oh, we are going to switch this outlet box" sort of project.  It was a "we need ladders and parts and to saw some stuff and run some cables" project.  Because why would expect anything less?  But now the freezer works and we couldn't be more appreciative.  We haven't put a thing in it and I can't even start to guess when we might, but knowing the option is there makes us happy.  If anything, we should be able to move some pot pies to the front freezer tomorrow and start making a supply of unbaked frozen pies ready for purchase next week.

Earlier this evening, I was working on a project and listened to an old playlist I created on Spotify that we listened to incessantly when working to open PJP Buttonwood.  And I couldn't help but think how far we've come since those very early days in 2014.  Remember this gem of a pie display unit?

That was SERIOUSLY how we put out our pies for sale each day in the very early days.  I cringe when I look at that picture, but what did we know at the time about making a pretty storefront?  NOTHING.  So when I looked out at our freshly painted pie display unit and our shiny new merchandising cooler and freezer today, I thought to myself "well, thank goodness, we finally figured that mess out..."

And that gives me hope for the next 17 days of the year, 11 days before Christmas, and the 45 hours until Kickstarter ends.  But not for box and whisker plots.  Ever.  Unless cats actually are involved, because well then...