No Thank You.

So, despite today being a holiday of candy and costumes, we were tremendously busy at PJP Buttonwood.  Perhaps not only is pie the new cake, but pie is also the new candy.  You heard it here first. And if you stopped by to see us today, you probably noticed that we were all working away with the sort of laser focus that we reserve for our busiest days.  And for the first time this fall, our windows fogged from the heat inside versus the cold temperatures outside.  While some people comment that the windows make us look quaint and cozy, I can only fight off a low-key panic as the fogged windows and the huge baking schedule harken me back to the days of our first Thanksgiving.  NO THANK YOU.  Fortunately, we've come a long way since then.  Here's a few things of note for our week ahead...

  1. It is the last day of October and I haven't even emailed The Kroenke Group about renting the vacant space next door yet for Thanksgiving pickups.  Because we would prefer to save the $400 in rent, we grapple each year with the hope that we could just manage it all out of our single location...and then we come to our senses.  I'm just about a week behind in getting it organized, which sounds right because I'm perpetually late to the party that way.
  2. Though, I opened our gas bill today and we have a $333.19 at some point this year, I was the best version of myself and overpaid.  I guess.  Or they are wrong, which is more likely.  In any event, I took a screenshot of the statement and used the new iOS update to write "Exhibit A" on the picture for future reference.
  3. We have A LOT of Jelly Jars due tomorrow.  It's more than 100 but less than a thousand.  If I told you how organized we were for it, you would worry that the world is coming to an end.  Though, I probably just jinxed us by announcing that we are organized, prepared, and anticipate smooth sailing through calm seas.  Gulp.
  4. We worked with the Missouri Contemporary Ballet this year on their fall fundraiser.  In short, they sold frozen PJP and we provide the pies at a discounted cost to the organization.  It was our first time to participate in a fundraiser like this, so I was completely blown away when their coordinator emailed and said they sold TWO HUNDRED AND NINE PIES.  Wait, what?  Goodness, I'll call it a success for everyone involved.
  5. I've begun drafting our Kickstarter campaign for the pie truck.  In my head.  But I'm hopeful to have real words typed soon.  The hard part will be filming a video that isn't post jumbo margaritas and done in my kitchen like our original Kickstarter campaign video.  Any kid that needs a lesson on how Internet content will always haunt your dreams should watch that original video.