As I drove to PJP Buttonwood this morning, I realized that we are just about to roll into our 42nd month of #WorldPieDomination.  And 42 months...well, that is equal parts exciting, terrifying, and humbling, right?  (When Behind-The-Scenes-Tech Guru Jason and I were very young, we bought bedroom furniture on a no payment, zero interest for 36 months plan and we marveled at all the days to pay off our first official adult person purchase.  Which really has nothing to do with anything, but PERSPECTIVE.) Though, all that said, today was our 168th Tuesday (give or take) at PJP and so I have no idea how my surprise is renewed almost every week when we are on the struggle bus to get the storefront fully stocked by noon or so.  Here are a few other things of note:

  1. Our Thanksgiving order forms arrived today.  While we already have orders on the board, the arrival of the official form means we are emotionally committed to the Thanksgiving process and to the next six weeks of long hours.  And severe cases of whisking elbow.
  2. We follow a pie food truck named The Piehole on Instagram.  They are selling their completely adorable and swoonworthy pie truck for $18,000 and we've spent an inordinate amount of time discussing all the things we could do to further #WorldPieDomination with that truck...if we had $18,000, the staff to run it, and the space in the store to bake for it.  But the thought is compelling.
  3. In the meantime, we have an inordinate amount of pies to bake in our storefront over the next four days for every event you can possibly imagine...including a wedding in St. Louis, the Rock Bridge Elementary Chicken BBQ, two rehearsal dinners, and apple tarts with a bone imprint on the top crust for a birthday party with a puppy theme.
  4. Kevin has addicted us all to this popcorn that he buys at Sam's.  He brought a bag last weekend and we basically demolished it (fun fact...popcorn is Jeanne's jam).  I was vacuuming the front of the store this morning because I lead a very glamorous life and sucked up about 30 kernels of corn...which is a sad confession to make here on the permanent Internet.
  5. And finally, because a few people have asked, we did receive our Roots and Blues payout check last week as promised.  Therefore, PJP goes officially on the record as sorta liking the cashless system this year...from the vendor perspective anyway.  Count us in for next year, when we will be 54 months old...which is just 100% overwhelming to consider.  Maybe I should buy us some furniture...