Either Way.

I just happened to notice that we are about to roll right on over the four year anniversary of this blog.  When I started writing it way back when PJP V. 2.0 was just a twinkle in our eyes, I thought it would last a week and fall into the category of things I have started and not finished.  And that's quite a notable list, including such hobbies as cross-stitch, sewing pajama pants for my whole family, and cutting decorative letters with a Cricut machine. But then I told my mother about it.  And my husband.  And my best friend.  And here we are four years later.  Honestly, no one is more surprised than me.  And in celebration, we are gifting the blog with it's very own URL.  And by we, I mean Delta Systems because I'm not even sure who is in charge of the URL availability in this country.  Or this world.  Honestly, I'm not even sure of the jurisdictional requirements of a URL.  But whatever, the blog posts will all still load to Facebook and to the PJP website and then eventually to worldpiedomination.com next week, simply because filling up another small space of the interwebs sounded compelling to me.  And because the blog is a very big part of the PJP story, finding space for it on the Internet to make it feel special seems legit.  And really, who doesn't like to feel special?

(On a side note, a few people have mentioned they tried looking me up by assuming the blog would post to rebeccamiller.com.  And that would be an assumption based on the theory that I'm smart enough to purchase the URL of my name.  Spoiler alert:  I'm not.  But then Jonathan from Delta Systems and I looked it up this afternoon and someone else already owns it but has no content on it.  Jonathan asked me how much I would be willing to pay for it, but I couldn't even guess how much someone values rebeccamiller.com.  $12? $88? $154?  He suggested I be willing to pay $200-$500, but he would find out for sure...which all basically feels like I'm in a bidding war with someone I don't know to have a piece of the Internet with my name on it.  And now I'm just invested to see if rebeccamiller.com is actually owned by someone named Rebecca Miller.  Because if not, I'm going to be righteously indignant.  But if so, props to her for being smarter than me about the whole Internet real estate thing.  I should have spent the late 1990s buying URLs for $1 instead of drinking boxed wine, watching Sex In the City, and organizing my collection of Steve Madden shoes.  Hindsight, you are a cruel teacher.)

Goodness, I bet you are happy you aren't Jonathan from Delta Systems right now.

Or maybe you are just wishing I stuck with sewing pajama pants.

Either way.