Party of One.

Today our beloved Gunnar stopped by to see us, which was a complete delight because it has been MONTHS since his last visit.  (If you are new around here, Gunnar worked for us for over a year and then moved to Virginia after getting married last spring.)  And so we did what any legit employer does when one of their children comes back to the fold...we put him to work.  How else were the Jelly Jars going to get in their boxes?  Plus, we need to keep his skills sharp for when we are A THING and he is the Executive Director of the Jelly Jar division.

We loved our visit with him, though here are a few things that we forgot to mention to him even...

  1. I ordered 1,000 oval 4x6 #WPD stickers this week (from a local printer).  I envision them on cars and Thanksgiving pie boxes everywhere, but Katie tells me that all the cool kids put stickers on their water bottles and computers these days.  The stickers haven't arrived yet, but if anyone wants to lay bets on how many years we will have #WPD stickers laying under the front counter, please stop by tomorrow.  Overthinking It, Party of One.
  2. That said, if someone (not related to me by blood or marriage) puts a #WPD sticker on their car and I see it out while driving around, I'll probably need to pull over and cry with all the joy one reserves for a major life goal.  Emotional, Party of One.
  3. Pumpkin pie is back at PJP on the regular.  But who are we kidding...pumpkin everything is back everywhere.  I waited 15 minutes this morning for my venti iced coffee at Starbucks because of the legions of people waiting for their mobile order Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Impatient, Party of One.
  4. I had a conversation about Walmart logistics today that I can't even discuss quite yet because my brain isn't ready.  Stabby, Party of One.
  5. Now is the time of year when tens of journalism students stop by each week to interview me and/or Team PJP for various class projects.  Paparazzi, Party of One.

And look, this last thing has nothing to do with anything, but over the weekend, Behind-The-Scenes-Tech Guru Jason was weedeating at the PJP compound and noticed a kitten in the brush out of the corner of his eye.  What he said to me though was that at first glance, he thought it was an albino mole.  WHAT?  I didn't know that albino moles were a thing.  Nor did I know he had seen enough of them for his mind to immediately think "oh, an albino mole!" upon spying a tiny kitten.  The whole thing has me perplexed, but welcome to the family (and the PJP Compound) Oliver Miller.  Super Cute, Party of One...