Burlap. And Business.

The best thing about dumping your entire entrepreneurial life on the Internet is that you can always look back to the archives for a little perspective.  For example, just about three years ago today, Jeanne and I spent 18 hours covering our front walls in a burlap lattice pattern that we then hated and tore down the next day.  True story.

Which, actually, sounds exactly like us.  I would expect no less than 40 yards of burlap, 10 gallons of glue, and a scissor lift straight to self-doubt and regret in any sort of art project we do.  We later wallpapered that wall and used burlap to frame out the wallpaper, but every six weeks or so Jeanne eyes that wall warily and proclaims that big changes are coming.

Early this morning, I was visiting with our business consultant Mike and he reminded me of just how far we've come since we opened almost three years ago.  Which is actually sort of funny because he is completely correct that we have changed and grown so much, but he probably didn't even think of our penchant to weave burlap on a wall with glue when making his point.  (Though after spending an hour with me every other Thursday for almost a year, he probably wouldn't be surprised by the burlap.  He probably wouldn't be surprised if Jeanne decided she was going to do it again, but weave her own burlap the second time around.)

And only a few minutes after he reminded me of our continued growth, I dumped an entire avalanche of new ideas on him for him to push back and ask me all the hard questions about why I liked those ideas and how they helped PJP grow toward #worldpiedomination.  Gah.  Where was he three years ago?  He would have never sanctioned lattice weaving from a scissor lift on a whim.

But we decided some ideas had some merit and could stick, meaning PJP progress...even if it is two steps forward and one step back and ultimately feels like it takes a sweet forever to make forward motion.  This is the best thing about being almost-three, I think...slowing moving forward to a much bigger goal.  #WPD.

Though, it is almost time for Jeanne to eye that wall.  So, if you see us at JoAnn's with a cartful of glue...