Now We Know...

Well, for the first Monday in a million days or so, we didn't need to go in and bake a single thing at PJP Buttonwood today.  WHEW.  And while we still met the delivery trucks for our weekly shipments of baking ingredients and pie boxes, it still felt like a veritable day of vacation given our last few weeks. So I did what any entrepreneur does on a veritable day of vacation...I answered an astonishing amount of emails.  And tried to rouse up some creativity for events in the coming weeks, like our anniversary and Easter.  And I stewed around about things I don't know the answer to and also about whole list of items I would rather ignore.  Wait, isn't that how everyone's Monday works actually?  Please say yes.

Here's a few highlights from the day...

  1. I discovered in my unread email that PJP has been nominated for a 2017 Feast 50 Award (best bakeshop in the Columbia, MO ballot).  It is always an honor to be noticed by our friends at Feast Magazine.  (And you know my competitive self wants to win, so vote early and often.)
  2. I also discovered a long list of questions from our new accountant and I actually answered one "uhhhhh, maybe", thereby guaranteeing us #worstclientever.  I suspicion accountants all gather together the day after taxes are due and they drink and swap tax filing war stories.  I hope "uhhhh, maybe" makes our accountant the one there with the best story.  And that she sees the perks of having the #worstclientever.  Ahem.
  3. I've decided we are just going to call our anniversary celebration "OMG, PJP Is Three" because well, why not?  Now, we just need to work on the details (and as usual, we have a thousand ideas or so).
  4. Did you know that food handler cards expire?  Because they do and both Jeanne and I need to get ours renewed.  Though, I feel honestly that watching a video of someone cooking some room temperature chicken on a dirty stove is the sort of thing the average person only needs to watch once for a lifetime impact on food safety.  Also, I feel like Jeanne should have the golden ticket of food handler's certifications, sort of like when someone is given a key to the city.
  5. And finally, I started creating a PJP app on to discover that I have no idea if anyone would actually use a PJP app and that the idea of it sounds much more glamorous than the reality of it.  So now we know.