Cross Your Fingers.

Well. In case you've noticed (and a few of you have), it has been quiet around here.  Mainly because the blog has suffered tremendous technical difficulties and I've suffered from being super stabby about it all.  Last night, I talked with Bluehost Technical Support for a sweet forever to solve absolutely nothing.  Good times, indeed.

So, here's our week in recap...

  1. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the web hosting problems over the weekend.  Except when your knowledge base limits you to saying "it's broken" over and over, technical types don't take you seriously.  Once we move past some big deadlines over the next two weeks, I'm going to figure it out because I seriously can't handle one more conversation that makes no sense.  Or, I'm going to start a computer consulting firm and only employ people that are empathetic when stuff doesn't work instead of asking how often one clears their cache, with the assumption one knows what a cache is.
  2. And then to distract me on Monday, we made 700 baby pies for a single customer.  It took just as long as you might guess and it made our space limitations feel amplified by a thousand percent.  But, that said, I would rather play Tetris with bags of flour in our 1,050 square feet space than be sitting around wishing to goodness that we were busy.  And a serious shoutout to Veteran's United, who could have spent all that money with a national corporation when they wanted to reward their employees with a treat...but they picked a local small business and changed our whole March.  That's worth noting.
  3. And on a personal note, Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason and I listed our house for sale late last week.  I only mention it so that when you think of our Tuesday as we baked away in recovery mode from Monday's 700 pies, I had to stop, haul home, and create a Pinterest worthy palace for a 2:30 pm showing and then go back to a lengthy baking schedule like I hadn't terror sweated while vacuuming the stairs in the five minutes before the showing started.
  4. That said, we've never lived so magnificently.  I'm tempted to take it off the market and not tell Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason or the kids because you've never seen three people move so fast as when the app that schedules showings dings on our phones.  I highly recommend it.  (And my friend, Jeri Lou Shindler at House of Brokers.  She's ahhhmazing.  And super fun to hang out with.  And probably not on board with pretending to Jason like it is still listed just so he wipes down his bathroom counter every morning without being asked, so I'll leave the listing active.)
  5. And if that weren't all enough, Pi(e) Day is next week, so trust me when I say that we are all OBSESSING about it.  We have several large orders for local companies - one for 200 babies on Monday and one for 52 twelve-inch pies on Tuesday and we are trying to build a baking schedule to accommodate the crowds that will turn up for our annual "Everything Is Discounted $3.14" Pi(e) Day sale.  I don't doubt it will regress into a plan to bake anything and everything, just as quickly as humanly possible by the time Tuesday actually arrives.

So, I'm not going to type another word because I'm not sure this will actually post.  Let's collectively hold our breath that this Wordpress site has been band-aided together enough to get us through...