Made With Love

I'm certain that I might have expended a million words or so today just talking about PJP Buttonwood and #WorldPieDomination to various people.  I guess that is the mark of true love...all that said, and yet here I am with just a few more things to say.  I just can't help myself sometimes. So, two big things today...

Not long ago, we were chosen to partner with a MBA team from Mizzou.  This team will spend their semester working on a goal that we have for our store.  WAIT...WHAT?  AND IT IS FREE?  Yes, please.  We met with our team and their professor earlier this afternoon to discuss our the heck to get our pie dough in grocery stores in a smart, planned, long-term growth sort of way.  We've had this goal for quite some time, but we can never get ourselves there...primarily because there are so many variables to consider and we get overwhelmed and we move on to whatever sounds way more fun or interesting at the moment (like whether selling dough at Hy-vee would justify the purchase of a golf cart to drive back and forth between our store and Hy-Vee and if so, how could we decorate the golf cart to be the cutest pie shop golf cart there ever was.  Ahem.)  So, we couldn't be more excited for the next four months as we work with our new team of friends on this endeavor.  #perksofcollegetownliving

And finally, our friend Aaron Ottis dropped by with our Valentine's video today and we are basically crazy for it (as always, because he never disappoints us with his creativity).  Made with love for your love?  I DIE.  #killertagline

Take a look here!

PJP FEB 2017