Either Way.

So yesterday was National Pie Day.  The occasion didn't escape our notice, but we always choose to make our pie day A THING on March 14th and we call it Pi(e) Day and discount everything by $3.14.  Mainly because we are girls that like a theme and because you can try all you want, but coming up with fun marketing ideas centered around the theme of "January 23rd" is a challenge to say the least. The American Pie Council establishes the date for National Pie Day.  (Clearly they are less concerned with marketing fun events than we are or they wouldn't pick the third week of January to celebrate.)  Beyond establishing the date for National Pie Day, the American Pie Council apparently hosts the annual National Pie Championships.  Wait.  What?  Is there a trophy involved?  Because that would look super nice in our foyer.

And if you've been a reader here for long, you have probably picked up on the fact that I'm fairly competitive.  While Jeanne can maintain her zen about most things, I can be righteously indignant for years about any number of things (everyone in my Inner Circle just nodded their heads vigorously).  Which is precisely why when I discuss a pie championship with Jeanne, she rolls her eyes and disclaims the need to fly all the way to Orlando in May to compete against various pie companies from across the country when she already feels that we are the best at what we do.  And precisely why I'm simultaneously obsessing about what we should bake while we are there and our mentally drafting our acceptance speech for the win in the Commercial Division entry.

That said, I just looked at the entry form and it is $250 for each pie entry we make...and they offer 29 categories.  So if we entered every category offered (and you know I would), we would spend $7,250 to simply be judged.  And let's say we keep it real and limit ourselves to four categories or so...so that's $1,000 plus airfare and hotel cost, and the logistics of figuring out how to bake in the kitchens of The Rosen Centre in Orlando.  And win or lose, that's a lot of money and effort and time away from progress on #WorldPieDomination at PJP.  Or a small price to pay for accolades and trophies and press releases announcing our win(s).  Either way.

We will have to think on this decision, American Pie Council.  In the interim, please consider ditching January for National Pie Day.  Your marketing team - and PJP - will thank you...