Panic Ensuing.

I mentioned yesterday that we have a busy weekend ahead at PJP.  When I started reviewing the final numbers as our order board updated this afternoon, welllllll....panic ensued.  In short, we are at DEFCON 1 over here as we look at the next 36 hours.  It's basically Thanksgiving:  The Prequel. A few items of note:

  1. We would have spent less time at the Las Vegas Convention Center last weekend and more time in the Caesar's Palace spa having our chakras balanced if we knew what this weekend was going to be like.
  2. Or we would have just drank more free Dirty Shirleys while playing the penny slots.  Either way for restorative health.  Ahem.
  3. Each vendor booth we visited last weekend scanned my badge and now everyone is calling me at the store, which just the short way of saying that if you don't have $100,000 and 10,000 square feet, then don't let industrial oven people scan your badge at a conference.
  4. By 11 this morning, if I answered the phone and someone asked for me, I finally just said I was unavailable due to crisis baking mode in our store.  Awkward.  But true.
  5. And speaking of unsolicited vendor calls, twice in the past week, someone has stopped by PJP Buttonwood with weird gift bags of makeup and attempted to sell them to us.  I happened to see those same bags being peddled on the Vegas strip and now I just have more questions than answers.  Like, who makes that makeup?  How do they get people to sell it?  And perhaps best yet, who is buying it?  Oh, and how is it a nationwide thing all of a sudden?  I feel like someone with investigative journalism skills should look into this and report back with answers.

So that's it.  Interesting topics to discuss next week, provided we survive the weekend.  If not, please send someone to wash all the tart lids so that Jeanne has peace in the afterlife.