Over The Shoulder Pie Holder.

A month or so ago, we were asked by the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center to create a bra for their annual Artful Bra contest.  During the event, attendees bid on their favorite bras and the proceeds go to support cancer patients for all of the things we often don't think about during treatment, such as lodging expenses and medical supplies for recovery at home. And look, there likely isn't anything Jeanne loves more than the opportunity to create something wildly artistic and with little limitation on her creativity.  She couldn't wait to tackle this challenge with full gusto, even though the due date came on the same day as the start of Roots and Blues festival.  (That said, we really are at our best when we have everything in the world to do and precious little time to accomplish it.)

So, going into it, I only knew that we planned to enter the "artistic" category of the contest (comparative to other categories such as movies and sports themed entries).  And because I'm only artistic with words, I named our entry "Over The Shoulder Pie Holder" and left the rest up to Jeanne's creativity, with assistance by my 11 year old daughter (who also lives for this sort of thing...the craftiness clearly skipped a generation.)

Early last week, we bought a 42DD bra and put it on a dress form in the shop so Jeanne could start thinking and planning.  We talked about what she wanted to do, but I lack vision for that sort of thing and I basically just left this project in her capable hands.  On Thursday, Jeanne and aforementioned 11 year old spent nine or so hours working diligently in the back corner of the shop while the rest of us focused on Roots and Blues.  And short of a regularly scheduled hot glue gun injury, they had the best time working together.

And here is what they created...



Those leaves are created completely out of pie crust, by the way.  I KNOW, RIGHT?

We dropped the bra off last Friday for judging and tonight, we attended a silent auction and awards ceremony for all the bra entries.  It was so fun to see all of the creativity...and also, the puns were ON POINT.  Most of the entries had hilariously clever names and so much thought put into their design.

And when it came time for the awards, Over The Shoulder Pie Holder was awarded first place in the Artistic Category.  During the reception, each attendee was given a ballot to vote for their favorite and then that entry was named "People's Choice".  Aaaannnnddddd....Over The Shoulder Pie Holder won that contest as well.  We were ridiculously pleased with ourselves, mainly because it was just fun and the end result was helping such a valuable cause in our community.

We were gifted with two amazing gift baskets stuffed full of fun stuff (lots we will be sharing with PJP fans on Facebook and Instagram in some fun giveaways).  If you can't tell, we had a good time...