Spoiler Alert.

As if our last week or so hasn't been packed with enough excitement, today was the awards luncheon for the Columbia Daily Tribune's Women In Business awards at the Stoney Creek Inn. (Spoiler alert...I didn't win.)  (Extra spoiler alert...I'm totally ok with that.) I really can't think of the last time Jeanne and I found ourselves in non-baking attire with full makeup on at noon on a Tuesday.  (I also can't think of the last time we each wore high heels.  And you know what?  A high heel is no Nike Reax Run 5, fo'sure.)  But I do know that it was a seriously nice change from all the non-stop baking we've been doing lately...even though we both leaned over to each other at various points over the two hour lunch and whispered about things that needed to be done at PJP Buttonwood.

One of the nicest aspects of the event was each nominee was called to the stage while a short bio was read about each woman.  And HOLY SMOKES, there is a serious amount of talent in this town.  SERIOUS AMOUNT OF TALENT.  And as the mom of an 11 year old daughter, I really couldn't be happier to be a part of the groundwork being laid for the next generation of girls who will become women who know they can do anything in this world that they want...and do it well.

My other favorite aspect of today was simply this...we were all happy for each other.  Just to be nominated was an honor and I think I'm not alone in feeling happy to just be included with a tremendously talented and hardworking group of women.  And in my category, Emerging Businesswoman of the Year, I was so happy to see Elizabeth Trumbower of Pela Cura Anti-Aging & Wellness win the award.  She has been battling an aggressive form of breast cancer WHILE RUNNING HER BUSINESS.  If that isn't some grit and determination worthy of acknowledgement, then I don't know what is.

After the lunch and award presentation, Jeanne and I snagged our swag bags and immediately headed back to PJP Buttonwood to put on our baking attire and Nikes so that we could get right back into it (which is what any legit businesswoman would do, right?)  But just before, I snapped a quick picture of us at our best...just so we know what is possible on any given day.