Here You Go.

Well, we've had quite a few people stop by over the weekend and congratulate us on our 39% growth from last August comparative to this August...even Jeanne busted through the doors on the morning after that post went up and asked me if I was sure I used the calculator correctly.  And if you found yourself thinking over the weekend that our story is over because we have mastered all things here and it is smooth sailing through calm seas, just know:

  1. That when I walked into PJP on Saturday at 4 am to meet Jeanne, I burst into tears...mainly because I was tired.
  2. There are 7,922 emails in my inbox right now.  At least 80 of them are unread. FullSizeRender0906
  3. The Jo-Ann's app is for coupons...stuff for the Cricut isn't cheap, yo.  The Pet Buddies app is for my daughter...from what I hear, it is a pretty good way to spend some time.  The Crossword app is for shame.
  4. Today was our third slowest day in PJP history (I think the other two also occurred immediately following a long holiday weekend).  Ironically, we should be at about 39% less than last Tuesday.  Can someone cue up some Alanis Morissette?  (Though, I always preferred "You Oughta Know", if you are curious).
  5. But all that said, Jeanne capitalized on the slow time and basically scrubbed every single square inch of our floor space utilizing her three favorite tools:  knee pads, a scraper, and a razor blade.  So basically, her goals for September have a big check mark next to them and that makes today SUPER productive and worth every slow(ish) moment.  And if you want photographic evidence of a slice right on into life of an entrepreneur, here you go...(razor blade not pictured).FullSizeRender09062