Dead On Accurate.

You might have noticed that it was approximately 10 billion degrees today.  And at PJP, despite setting our air conditioner on a frosty 68 remained a balmy 81 for the majority of the afternoon.  Our air conditioner was installed when the building was constructed and I fear that it is hanging on merely by the new filter we installed a few months ago.  If I could get to the roof, I would scrub it down and tell it how much I love it and to please never quit on us.  I would even consider building a gazebo over it and a cool misting fan to help it along.   And bring it flowers, if necessary. And before you think I'm crazy, I'll remind you that our landlord makes no capital improvements to the property.  We are responsible for replacing well, EVERYTHING during the term of our lease.  And the last time I checked, a new commercial air conditioning unit clocked in at $38,000.  Which makes me think the air conditioner business is more lucrative than the pie business.  Except that I don't know anything about air conditioners...except I like them to work.  And it makes me think I would buy one of those massive shop fans and sweat before paying $38,000 for something I'll never own, since it would be installed on a building that I don't own.  So can we all please just send good vibes to our air conditioning unit?  She needs it desperately.

In other news, we were honored to host a group of teen girls from New York City to PJP over the weekend.  They were in town as part of a leadership academy hosted by Stephens College.  They were all super smart and interesting and none had been to Columbia before (and a few had never had pie, which we remedied immediately.)  During our Q&A time, a few asked about my family and wanted to see pictures.  When I showed her one of Behind-The-Scenes-Tech-Guru Jason and I on our recent Caribbean vacation, one girl - in the most innocent way ever - said " look so much better don't have dark circles under your eyes!"  TOUCHE, MY FRIEND.  I actually busted out laughing because she was 100% dead on accurate (it is amazing what sleep and makeup does for a girl).  Out of the mouths of babes.

Also, I probably wasn't really hot when that photo was taken...