Register Now.

Because I'm almost always at PJP Buttonwood, it isn't uncommon for a pie perusing customer to ask me if I happen to know a certain PJP customer...and if I do, if I also know their favorite pie selection?  And trust me, I'm surprisingly pretty good at it. b0gDq

But as we've grown and gained new customers and offered more types of pies on a regular basis, it has gotten more difficult to answer with certainty as someone stands in front of me with a pie they plan to purchase as a gift for a friend...who can't have nuts/hates butter/is terrified of gooseberries/is lactose intolerant/only loves fruit pies.  SO. MUCH. PRESSURE.

Which is all to say, a pie gift registry has been in my mind for a while.  The concept is simple -you tell us your name, your month and date of birth, and your favorite three pie types.  And then when your neighbor/co-worker/casual acquaintance/secret Santa stops by to buy you something...well, WE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU LIKE.  That makes it 100% less awkward when you open a Dutch Apple and you've only been dreaming of a Key Lime.

To that end, we've worked a little on the idea of some sort of gift registry binder with papers in it that you could fill out with your pie selections.  Except I have zero binder making skills.  Scratch that - LESS THAN ZERO.  And so like most things, I promptly moved on to something else after taking one brief peek down the scrapbook paper aisle at JoAnns.  Thanks, but no thanks.

And then, today.  Today, I figure out that I can actually create a registry in Square on our iPad.  Whhhhhaaaaat?  I know, right?  So a PJP gift registry exists now.  It just involves typing and one minute of your time.  And no decorative paper skills.  And people have already signed up.  And you can too the next time you stop by to see us.  Do it now before the holidays are here so that whatever you receive in your white PJP pie box is your absolute favorite...