Epic Pie Tasting

Tonight we hosted our May Epic Pie Tasting event, which is the long way of saying that today we baked A LOT OF PIE.  In all honesty, I woke up this morning with a fair amount of anxiety about all of the things to be done today - baking for the store, for orders, for the tasting - and then Behind-The-Scenes-Tech Guru Jason reminded me that it is basically this way every single month on pie tasting day and we've survived every single one so far, so we would probably be just fine today.  There is a pragmatist in every relationship...I'll let you decide who it is in ours. smug-david-brent-o

And, as usual, he was 100% correct...it all turned out just fine.  In fact, for working with a crew with a combined total baking experience of SEVEN days, we did more than fine.  (This was Katie's sixth day with us.  We hired Andrew on Tuesday and his first day of work was yesterday.) I would suspect that both of them are rather exhausted this evening and maybe just totally over pie.  When Andrew left today, I actually asked him if he planned to come back tomorrow.  He said yes.  Whew.

In a pie tasting first, we actually had a guest so excited to get inside PJP Buttonwood that she got out of her car and left it running...for two hours.  It wasn't until she left and tried to find her keys that she realized they were in her car.  And the car was on.  BEST. STORY. EVER.

And as usual, we made several new pies to go along with our standard menu.  We made a S'mores pie that was RIDICULOUS.  Without question, you'll see it soon in our store on a regular basis.  We also made a Watermelon Chiffon pie that was DISGUSTING.  I can't even tell you.  It was like when you cut up a watermelon and put the slices in Tupperware and then put it in your refrigerator and then promptly forget about it for five or six days and it turns sort of slimy and odd tasting.  Yep...just that appealing too.

On tap for the weekend...three large weddings.  We do always say pie is the new cake.  Katie?  Andrew?  I hope you are resting up tonight because you are going to need the energy for the next 48 hours.  And I'm going to make you promise to come back next week...