High Maintenance.

Well, thankfully Jeanne is on schedule to be back at PJP Buttonwood early tomorrow morning.  This is good news because by about 3 pm on Saturday, I was OVER IT at PJP.  Apparently the quickest way to push me to the brink is to order multiple pies with meringue tops and then ask me to deliver them.  In case you weren't aware, meringues are very HIGH MAINTENANCE, INDEED.  One false move, one degree too warm, one word uttered too loudly and a meringue fail is completely possible.  Which is precisely how I ended up driving the pies to their destination while blasting the air conditioning on high and terror sweating that something would go terribly wrong in transit.  Remember that movie Speed, wherein Sandra Bullock had to drive a bus through a congested Los Angeles while keeping the speed above 55 mph?  It was like that...minus the bomb and Keanu Reeves.  And the Sandra Bullock.  But you get my point. Ayc_9w

And this is all to say that I left PJP in an enormous mess in my haste to deliver all the high-maintenance pies on Saturday.  And I didn't even care...until this morning when I arrived to find that if you leave whisks and bowls full of whipped egg whites out for 36 hours, it possibly makes the hardest substance on earth.  While the dishes washed, I figured I would do Jeanne a solid favor and scrape the week's worth of dough off the floors as sort of a "oh my goodness, I missed you present".

Except as it turns out, scraping the floor requires herculean strength.  10 minutes in, my arms were exhausted and I was sweaty.  I have no idea how Jeanne does this on the regular, but I'm compelled to see if we could still get her to the summer Olympics in Rio in some sort of crazy insane arm strength category.

Now that I think about it, we could totally rent a bus and I could drive her there...